one Rose

Indoor rose loves the sun, but does not tolerate dry and overheated air. As soon as the batteries begin to work at full strength, it is better to rearrange this plant from the windowsill to another place. Choose a corner where there are no drafts and heaters. If the place is too dark, you can use a phytolamp for additional illumination. The air should be well humidified, and if the apartment is hot enough, it is advisable to sometimes arrange a shower for the plant or irrigate it with water.

2 Citrus

Tropical plants cannot thrive in dry air. In order for such crops to grow and develop normally, they need high humidity in any season. Therefore, it is better to immediately remove them away from the battery or heater. If there are no places in the apartment suitable for “moving”, cover the radiator with a damp cloth: when evaporated, the liquid will humidify the air and soften the heating a little. Also, do not forget about the regular irrigation of the leaves with a spray gun.

3 Azalea

This capricious, but incredibly beautiful plant categorically cannot stand the neighborhood with any device that dries the air. Humidity in the place where the azalea planter is located should be at a record high of 70%, otherwise the flower will simply shed its leaves. To maintain an acceptable microclimate for the plant, a humidifier is often placed nearby.

four Gardenia

Another demanding plant that blooms very beautifully and smells good is gardenia. As a representative of the subtropics, she feels good in a warm, humid climate, so it is not recommended to put her next to a heater. In cold weather, gardenia can overwinter on a glazed balcony. It perfectly tolerates cool temperatures of about 16 degrees. Do not forget about a sufficient level of lighting — this is important for a flower. Also remember that you can’t move the planter often, the plant may not like it.

5 Chlorophytum

Despite the fact that this home flower is considered unpretentious, it can dry out next to a too hot radiator. Chlorophytum comes from the tropics and therefore loves well-moistened air. It is better to rearrange it for the winter in another place and regularly irrigate with settled soft water.

6 A coffee tree

Another representative of the tropics and a great lover of well-humidified air is the coffee tree. In winter, it is better to place it away from the battery, otherwise the tips of the leaves may begin to dry. The plant can be placed where it is often aired, as coffee loves fresh air. But do not arrange drafts, otherwise the flower may die.

7 Dracaena

Dry and hot air, which is formed next to the radiator, greatly harms the dracaena. Its leaves may begin to fade, and new ones will cease to tie. To keep the bush in an attractive state, it is better to rearrange the dracaena away from the window. The plant can be placed anywhere, as it is undemanding to the level of lighting. The only thing worth doing to make the flower feel as good as possible is to spray it with water or put a humidifier nearby.