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one Zamioculcas

This plant has long shoots and attractive round leaves. The people often call it the «dollar tree» because the leaves really look like money. The plant in its life grows up to 1 meter in height, so after some time it can be moved to the floor. It is perfect for decorating the corner of the room, as it is not afraid of the shadow.

Zamioculcas is a succulent, so it stores moisture in the stems and tolerates drought well. In winter, it is enough to water it once a month, in summer it is better more often, but you cannot fill it in, it will die.

However, be careful: Zamioculcas shoots and juice are poisonous, so you need to work with the plant only with protective gloves.

2 Aloe

This herbaceous perennial plant is native to Africa, from the most arid places. Therefore, without water, it can live for a long time: in winter it is enough to water it once a month or even less often. In summer, it is worth monitoring the soil: if the earth is still wet, then it is not worth watering. When the soil becomes dry and hard, then you can start watering.


3 Bocarney unbent

Bokarneya looks like a small tree: it has a lignified stem and curved thin leaves. There is a bulb at the base of the trunk near the bocarnea, which stores moisture, so the plant can live for a long time without watering. Under normal conditions, it should be watered every 20-30 days, more frequent watering threatens to rot the roots.

four Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe does not require special care and does not need to be watered often, as it stores moisture in the stems. It loves the sun, is not afraid of drafts, so it can be safely placed on the windowsill under bright rays. The plant blooms beautifully with lush inflorescences, flowers come in different shades: from pale white to bright pink.

It is worth watering it with settled water and very carefully: overflow will negatively affect the flower. Therefore, it is additionally better to place drainage in the pot to protect the roots from excess moisture. And with the onset of winter, further reduce the introduction of water.


5 Ficus rubbery

Ficus rubbery (elastica) is a very beautiful plant with large dark green leaves. They contain latex, so the ficus looks especially attractive.

The plant is undemanding, so it will live quietly for a month without watering, especially in winter. If you go to the country or on vacation in the summer, water the ficus well and put it in a dark corner — it will survive a month without watering.

6 Succulents and cacti

These are plants that do not require frequent watering, as they grow in the desert and are used to the lack of moisture. They are able to accumulate water in themselves and spend it for a long time. Plus, they will appreciate the sunny window sill and battery heating — dry air will not scare them. You can really water succulents and cacti once a month, this will be enough for them.


7 Sansevieria

Sansevieria is an undemanding plant that often decorates the interiors of offices and shopping centers. It is perfect for the lazy and forgetful: sansevieria does not need frequent fertilization and dusting the leaves. Watering the plant is worth a couple of times a month, but if you do it less often, nothing bad will happen.

Cover photo: Pexels