one Storage of bulk products

Pour bulk products into plastic containers — it’s practical. It is believed that this way they can be stored longer. In addition, they look much more aesthetically pleasing than in assorted store packaging. Look at this example from a rational hostess.

Storage under the sink in the kitchen photo

Photo: Instagram lena_starry

2 Storage of towels

Still stacking towels? Try storing them in drawers. The owner of this kitchen follows the Marie Kondo method, according to which vertical storage is much more convenient and economical than horizontal storage. Worth repeating!

Storage in the kitchen in a drawer

Photo: Instagram aleksandra_haritoshkina

3 Storage in drawers in the kitchen of different sizes

It would seem a simple thing, but not everyone thinks about the features of boxes of different sizes. In this apartment in the kitchen, the bottom drawer is deep, the middle one is small, for lids and small pots, and the top one is a standard size. Thus, it is easier to keep order among overall dishes and small household appliances (juicers, mixers).

Storage in drawers photo

Photo: Instagram greencityhouse

four Storage in a makeshift dressing room

The owner of this small Scandinavian-style Khrushchev decided to ditch the massive wardrobes in the bedroom in favor of open rails and shelves on top. If you have a minimalist wardrobe, you can follow her example. Air and lightness in the interior is provided.

Dressing room in the Khrushchev bedroom

Photo: Instagram sad.fat.cat

5 Storage of small things for a creative workshop or nursery

It is easy to place any little things in such a convenient organizer: from cups for pens and pencils, to the necessary notes and even headphones. Perfect for a children’s room and organizing a creative workshop.

Storage of small things for a nursery or workshop

Photo: Instagram dinara_diti

6 Bathroom storage under the sink

In this bathroom, the owners freed the open space from any jars, leaving almost everything in the cabinet under the sink. This is a really important point in order for the interior to look harmonious. Multi-colored jars with household chemicals and shampoos are difficult to fit into any style, they are the easiest to hide. However, special organizers and wicker baskets will make even storage in the closet pretty.

Storage in the bathroom photo

Photo: Instagram vremya.poryadka

7 Storage in drawers under the sink

Another idea for storage under the sink, this time with a trash can, even a few. Convenient mechanisms that move forward with the opening of the door allow you to quickly sort the waste. By the way, the storage of useful household items (sponges, rags, bottles of funds) is immediately implemented — they are removed from the working area and therefore do not spoil the interior of the kitchen.

Storage in photo boxes

Photo: Instagram abricosovaya_at_home