Some pieces of furniture have long lost their relevance, others can be dispensed with, and still others do nothing but collect dust. You can refuse them. What’s in return? Clean, free and comfortable living space, which has only those things that are really needed.

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one More space to live

Sometimes an apartment is more like a habitat for unnecessary things, rather than a person. To make it convenient to move around and lead a comfortable life, you need to give up unnecessary furniture. This is especially true for structures that are not the size of housing. Say, a huge bed in a one-room Khrushchev is a strange decision. She interferes with walking and turns the apartment into a bedroom. You can choose more compact furniture (a bed with a 140 cm mattress instead of a two meter one) or a transformable solution like a bed in a closet, and leave the remaining space empty or use it for another functional area.

2 The interior will become more environmentally friendly

Various substances are used in the production of furniture: dyes, plastics, synthetic fillers and textiles. Many of them indirectly affect human health, can cause allergies, for example. In addition, excessive buying activity supports global and not always clean production, which harms the environment. More conscious shopping will help improve the environment not only on the planet, but also in your apartment, as well as maintain health.

3 Less furniture means less junk to store

Getting rid of trash is an important ritual that should be performed regularly. We are all influenced by advertising and sometimes buy something impulsively and thoughtlessly. As a result, unnecessary things accumulate in the house, which only take up space. If you have only one spacious closet to store everything at once, it will be more difficult to make rash purchases, because you will have nowhere to put it.

four Reduce stress levels

Unnecessary things in the house can be potential sources of clutter. For example, if the apartment is crowded with furniture and things, it will be much more difficult to clean it than in a minimalist environment. The effort spent on cleaning can cause burnout and fatigue, and as a result, increased stress levels. Free clean space helps to feel more comfortable and calmer.

5 Remove visual noise

This primarily applies to furniture for open storage: endless shelves, cabinets and racks. An apartment with such storage looks stuffy and overloaded. It is wiser to get rid of excess small furniture. In extreme cases, you can replace it with a closed cabinet, if the area allows.

6 There will be less dust

Some furniture is quite capricious in cleaning, it is difficult to wipe off the dust from it. For example, this applies to high cabinets with difficult access to the top, as well as all open storage. With an excess of such things, the apartment becomes a hotbed of dust, and cleaning has to be done constantly. If you get rid of excess furniture, then the apartment will be cleaner.

7 More up-to-date solutions to come

Some interior solutions look outdated today. A prime example is the TV stand. She came to us from those times when TVs could not be hung on the wall. Today, every model has such an opportunity, and the need for an extra piece of furniture has disappeared. Choose modern solutions to make the interior look relevant.