Indoor plants have been accompanying our life for a very long time, which is why they are firmly entrenched in folklore and traditions. Feelings and intentions are determined by the color of rose buds, health and weather are judged by the time of blooming of flowers, and some varieties are used to attract good luck. To believe in these signs or not — everyone decides for himself, and we have collected several superstitions about the plants that live in our apartments.

Listed in the video are common superstitions that are easy to debunk

one Blooming flower at the wrong time — to illness or news

If a houseplant mixed up the flowering time and bloomed at the wrong time, this is considered a bad omen. According to legend, such a phenomenon promises residents a serious illness. Another version, more positive, interprets such flowering as an omen of imminent unexpected news.

In fact, there is no mysticism here, the plant determines the flowering time by the length of daylight hours and temperature. Flowers have specific rhythms that help establish regular blooming. Sometimes, depending on external circumstances, this mechanism fails, and the plant blooms at a different time.

2 If you do not take money for a plant, it will die

The sign is such that it is impossible to take or give a flower just like that. For the plant, you must definitely ask for a fee, even if it is symbolic. If this is not done, the flower will hurt and die.

In fact, this superstition has no evidence. The survival of the plant depends on the conditions of maintenance (air temperature, humidity, watering, soil quality) and the vital signs of the plant itself. The only way to explain this sign is the psychological component. When material value was given for a plant, it may be treated more carefully.

3 Closed roses — to the rain

If the bud of a blossoming rose does not open either in the morning or in the afternoon, expect rain. This folk sign applies to both indoor and outdoor plants.

In fact, rosebuds may not bloom due to fungal infection or too much fertilizer. Before the rain roses do not bloom, most likely due to insufficient lighting in cloudy weather.

four Cactus in the house — to drunkenness

The presence of a cactus in the house is associated with many signs, and all of them are quite unpleasant. For example, a cactus is believed to affect sexual energy, and this plant can also provoke alcoholism in men. From the positive: cacti clean the house of negative energy and keep evil people out.

In fact, the cactus does not affect the bad habits and other aspects of the life of the owners or other people. This is an unpretentious plant, the care of which comes down to rare watering. What cacti are really capable of in the interior is to purify the air from harmful impurities.

5 A stolen plant survives better

A funny sign says that a plant that was stolen or taken in secret takes root better in a new place than one that was bought. This applies not only to the whole flower, but also to the shoots. According to the sign, if you tear off a piece of the plant and bring it home, it will germinate remarkably.

It is very easy to debunk this belief. Usually take young shoots or cuttings, full of vitality. They grow remarkably and are ready to develop at a faster pace than the adult flowers we usually buy in the store. The solution is simple — choose younger plants to buy, and they will also take root perfectly.

6 Loaches in the house — unfortunately

Climbing plants also became the ancestors of the most diverse and controversial superstitions. The most common belief says that loaches are fetters that prevent a person from achieving success in life.

In fact, happiness and love do not control in any way, and even more so failures and troubles. What they definitely have is useful qualities, as, indeed, many other plants: air enrichment with oxygen and a pleasant appearance.

7 Mother-in-law’s tongue absorbs negativity

A pike tail, mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria can absorb negative energy and cleanse the house from evil — such a sign can be heard. You can determine the atmosphere in the house by the size of the plant, according to popular beliefs, it feeds on bad energy, and the worse the situation, the taller and more powerful the plant. They also believe that mother-in-law’s tongue brings happiness and drives away ill-wishers — where there is this plant, evil people will not want to appear twice.

Well, perhaps the indirect suppression of negativity is due to the fact that sansevieria is a very unpretentious flower, and there are no problems with it. You don’t have to worry about caring for this plant, it grows well in drafts, in a dark or well-lit place, and does not need frequent watering or fertilizing.