With the advent of spring in the house, you want more bright colors and freshness. This effect can be achieved not only by changing the textiles in the interior, but also with the help of indoor plants. In just 3-4 weeks, a flowering plant will turn out from the bulb. In addition to beautiful flowers, you will also get a breathtaking sight — how every day the plant grows taller and larger. What flowers to choose for planting? We have collected in the article unusual and beautiful bulbous plants that should be planted in a pot this spring.

Listed in the video all the plants

one Gladiolus

Gladiolus can be found in a variety of colors: white, red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, and this is not a complete list. These plants are distinguished by a long peduncle, up to 50 centimeters, and a large number of flowers on it. At home, the bulbs are most susceptible to disease, so thoroughly disinfect them in a solution of potassium permanganate before planting. Also, gladioli do not like excess water, especially during the flowering period. Therefore, it is better to plant them in a pot with a prepared drainage layer and holes for excess water to escape.

2 Gemanthus

This unusual flower reminds everyone of the familiar dandelion during its breeding season, but its flower is not only white, but also pink or red, depending on the variety. Hemanthus does not like abundant watering and moist soil, you should carefully monitor this. Choose a shallow and wide pot, as the main part of the flower’s root system develops close to the surface.

3 Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum is a very beautiful plant, its flowers are located on the crown of 4-6 pieces at once. Depending on the variety, hippeastrum flowers can range from white to deep red. It should be grown on the sunny side, watered sparingly. These plants are best planted in a small pot one at a time, so the flowers will be the largest and most beautiful.


four Crinum

This bright plant also prefers a sunny place to grow, while choosing a pot large enough and spacious. Its unusual flowers resemble a lily, including their pronounced aroma, but the petals are thinner and more distant from each other.

5 Eucharis

Eucharis is also called the Amazonian lily. Its white fragrant flowers are located on high cuttings, and several bulbs can be planted in a pot at once. At the same time, the pot itself should be small, low and wide — euharis will not bloom in too large pots. The plant is photophilous, but prefers moderate watering.

6 Albuka

Albuka is distinguished not only by beautiful flowers, but also by unusual leaves that are twisted into spirals. Therefore, this plant will always decorate your room, and not just during the flowering period. For active growth, place the pot on the south side and water abundantly.

7 Muscari

Muscari is usually a bright blue flower, but there are also white and even pinkish subspecies. The plant is low, but the peduncle is covered with small closed flowers. It has a fairly strong scent, so place muscari in your bedroom with care. The flower is able to grow both in a sunny place and in partial shade, the most important thing is to water the plant abundantly, especially during the flowering period.