The best storage is the one that is not visible, agree? This applies to both small and spacious rooms. Hidden storage helps to remove visual noise and not overload the interior with massive furniture. Our selection contains excellent examples of how to fit a secret closet or even a laundry room into the interior of an apartment.

one Shelves behind a door covered with wallpaper

The bright and active wall decoration in this bedroom immediately attracts attention. Surprisingly, in a niche there is a whole closet where various accessories are stored. A secret door without architraves helped him merge with the interior. It perfectly repeats the wall decoration, it was pasted over with the same wallpaper.

If you want to repeat this idea, keep in mind that fitting the pattern on the wallpaper will not be easy. Here it turned out to be done with jewelry precision.

2 Kitchen pantry behind a secret door

In this interior, the door is also disguised as a wall, and the kitchen pantry remains completely invisible. This technique helps to make the interior more minimalistic and simple, which means lighter. On the side of the pantry there is another secret «pocket»: small shelves are hidden there. The only thing that gives out the door here is a minimalist carnation handle. But if desired, it can also be taken as features of geometry.

3 Storage hidden behind a wall with moldings

Here, the hidden door to the storage room is disguised as a wall with moldings. A part of a geometric ornament with moldings is realized on the canvas. Thanks to this active geometry, the door leaf does not draw any attention to itself and seems to be part of the decoration.

four Spacious storage under stairs

Unused space often remains under the stairs. In this case, it’s big enough. The creators of the interior decided to equip hidden boxes here. The doors were disguised as wall panels. Thanks to geometric rectangles that help hide door seams and hidden structures, as many as three doors under the stairs went unnoticed. Visually, storage is not guessed, which means that the space is not overloaded with unnecessary details, it looks harmonious and beautiful.

5 Pantry behind a door duplicating kitchen facades

The entrance to the pantry in this kitchen looks completely unnoticeable. It seems that these are ordinary kitchen facades, they have the same milling and fittings. In fact, this is just a decorative cladding of the front door. Behind it lies a spacious storage system.

6 Additional storage at the ends of the kitchen

As a rule, the ends of the kitchen set are not used, and the place disappears there. To get the most out of the kitchen, additional shelves can be arranged there as well. It is not necessary to make them open and overload the space. You can, for example, like here: hide behind laconic facades that duplicate the overall design of the furniture.

7 Laundry room, equipped in the wall

At first glance, this part of the interior looks like a place to relax. There is a comfortable chair, beautiful paintings… But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is a laundry room. Appliances are hidden in minimalist cabinets, and there are doors in the wall behind the paintings, behind which there are shelves for linen and laundry accessories.