Regular cleaning, which is carried out as a standard once a week, includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning plumbing. The set of tasks is basic, but sometimes no less important trifles are forgotten during their implementation. It is they who are able to give out an imperfect hostess. We figure out what points to pay attention to from time to time so that no one doubts your competence!

What betrays an imperfect hostess? Listed in video

one Dirty dusty sofa

Cleaning upholstered furniture is rarely included in daily cleaning, so it’s easy to forget about it completely. And the dust that accumulates every day will be noticeable on any material of any color. Do not disregard the slightest pollution: it is worth forgetting about one small one, as new ones begin to be added to it. The result is a dirty, unkempt sofa in the center of the living room. It is enough to vacuum the sofa from dust with a soft brush nozzle, and for the quick fight against small spots, keep a melamine sponge or special products for upholstered furniture on hand.

2 Dirty mirrors

Fingerprints and a thin layer of dust on the mirror will spoil the interior of any room. Such misses will be especially noticeable in the hallway — the place where people get in the first place. But you need to pay attention to all the mirrors, including the one in the bathroom. There may also be water splashes and traces of toothpaste. It is better to wipe them with a specialized tool, it will give the surface a shine.

3 dusty lamps

Lamp shades, chandelier shades, floor lamp legs can also signal insufficient cleaning. It is not necessary to include them in the weekly plan, but once a month or two, wipe the dusty elements. Sometimes it even happens that due to the accumulated dust, the lamp transmits less light, and the room seems gloomier than usual.

four Clogged fridge with smell

Of course, guests are unlikely to go with an inspection to your refrigerator, but order must be maintained not only for their sake. Randomly scattered products, packaging, plates of food look very untidy and complicate the use of the refrigerator. With improper storage of food and rare washing, an unpleasant odor also appears. Sort everything on the shelves, allocate a zone for each category of products, arrange ready-made food or unused ingredients in identical containers. They close tightly, preventing odors from spreading and mixing. Once a season, you can arrange a total cleaning of the refrigerator: take everything out, wipe the shelves, spray it. Much more often you need to throw away already unfit for food products.

5 Stained tiles and moldy joints

You can regularly clean the sink and rub the plumbing, but the effect of the efforts will be zero if there is mold on the seams and stains on the walls. At the slightest manifestation of something that looks like mold, treat the seams, corners, walls. That way the problem won’t spread. It is not easier with divorces: not only glass shower partitions suffer, but also ordinary tiles. Make it a rule to deal with these surfaces along with cleaning plumbing. There are sprays on sale that remove plaque and for some time prevent it from reappearing.

6 withered flowers

This applies to once presented bouquets and potted plants, which we all sometimes forget about. Do not keep dried bouquets for a long time, it looks ugly, and the water starts to smell bad. Plants are more difficult; Of course, it is not necessary to throw out wilted specimens. Noticing such a flower, reanimate it by watering and spraying. If it stands in a conspicuous place, and there are guests on the threshold, then swap it with a fresher plant.

7 Dust on high furniture and appliances

About cabinets almost to the ceiling and tall refrigerators are always forgotten. The advantage is that no one will check for dust there. But if suddenly workers come to you to fix or install something, believe me, it will be embarrassing for such a “fur” layer on the mezzanine. In addition, this dust is not just lying there idle. It is still actively spreading in the air, spoiling its quality, and settles on other furniture.