There is nothing more pleasant than being in a clean apartment immediately after cleaning. I want the feeling of cleanliness to last for a long time. Unfortunately, the effect of cleaning quickly disappears: dust settles on the surface the very next day, faucets become covered with limescale, and ugly stains appear on the walls of the shower cabin. There are ways to keep clean after cleaning for longer than a couple of days. We have found proven tools that will help you clean your house less often.

The video lists useful life hacks to simplify cleaning and everyday life

one Use fabric softener to remove dust

Add a little fabric softener to a basin of water and wipe the shelves with the resulting solution. The product will give a fresh aroma to your home, and also act as an antistatic agent: it will repel dust. Exposed surfaces will stay clean longer.

2 Apply glycerin to the surface

In the fight against dust, another assistant is ordinary glycerin. Just put a couple of drops on a cloth and wipe clean surfaces. With this method, you can wipe the dust twice as often. Glycerin also prevents the appearance of limescale. Wipe the faucets with a rag with a couple of drops of the product, and they will not form plaque.

3 Rub wax paper on faucets

Wax paper will help get rid of plaque on faucets. Rub it on the faucets, and they will keep their shine for a long time. You can also wipe cutlery with wax; after processing, dust will not accumulate on them, and water will not leave streaks.

four Don’t Forget Antistatic Wipes

Sticky wipes are commonly used when painting a car. They have been specially designed to remove all dust before applying pigments and not allow new dust to accumulate. The properties of the napkin will also help when cleaning the house. Wipe the free surfaces in the house with anti-static wipes, and you will not only remove all the dust accumulated there, but also forget about the new one for a long time.

5 Treat glass with water repellent spray

A water-repellent spray will help in the fight against water stains. This is especially true for a shower or bath with a glass partition. Spray the glass surface, after which the stains will not bother you for a long time. Water will simply flow down the glass, leaving no ugly white marks.

6 Clean dishes with baking soda

Baking soda has many uses for tough stains. She can wash tea or coffee deposits from mugs or a teapot, soda can even remove old stains. It will also prolong the cleanliness of the dishes and prevent plaque from quickly sticking to the surface. Rub it well on the inside walls of objects the next time you wash your mugs and teapot.

7 Lay the foil on a baking sheet

To avoid rubbing a baking sheet or baking dish from grease, cover it with foil before cooking. Then just throw away the used material. So you can not only keep the dishes clean, but also improve the cooking process: thanks to the reflective properties, the foil will help the dish to bake evenly.

You don’t have to clean every day to keep your home sparkling clean. Use these tricks and cleaning will take less time and effort. And you will be busy with other important things.