one unusual shape

Planters of an unusual shape are more suitable for medium-sized plants, since due to their unusual nature, such containers may not be very stable. Both geometric shapes and imitation of other objects are implied — for example, a teapot or a jug. Such plain planters do not look boring, but not catchy either, they will add dynamics to the home greenhouse.

2 All kinds of baskets

A long time sensational trend that is not going to go away. However, he does not stand still and finds new incarnations. For example, if earlier a large plant in an ordinary plastic planter was placed in a jute basket with handles (it still looks stylish!), Now there are new readings. For example, there are more pots in stores that are already made of rattan «under the basket» — this is a cool option for small plants, since they cannot be put in a real one. Another alternative is fabric laundry baskets, which are suitable not only for storing laundry, but also for large flowers.

3 On «legs»

A very cool trend that attracts all the attention to the plant! It can be divided into two types. The first is small and medium-sized pots on short «legs» that «grow» from the base. Looks unusual and cute! The second type is planters that come with a stand that looks like legs. They can both be decorative and perform an important function — «raise» the flower, making it more visible. The solution is suitable for outdoor plants so that they do not get lost below.

four Image of faces

Faces and their outlines captured various decorative elements: posters, vases, decorative pillows. Maybe soon everyone will get tired of this trend, but so far this is far away — more and more interesting solutions are being found by manufacturers. For example, there is a planter with a schematically drawn face or a slightly embossed pattern of the nose and eyes. There are also more ironic options: with a surprised or sleeping face, chipped right on the wall of the pot. Such models are suitable for small plants that do not grow too luxuriantly.

5 With pronounced texture

To keep a minimalist design from looking too simple, use texture. The most common is a corrugated surface — it looks beautiful in the light and is pleasant to the touch. By the way, corrugated planters are easy to combine with the same vases, there are also a lot of them in stores, you can even find ready-made pairs. Embossed circles, diamonds and other patterns are also stylish. Less common are options when the protruding elements seem to be glued to the surface, but in fact they are part of it — you want to look at and touch! Such an example is in the last photo.

6 Classic white

It would seem a classic. But not quite — white pots of medium size, smooth, streamlined shapes are now in trend. If you have a lot of plants of various varieties, then make up a composition of them in white flower pots — it will look monochrome and super stylish. Moreover, it is in white that both ceramic and plastic ones look decent. Therefore, you can choose budget models from inexpensive plastic without sacrificing appearance.

7 Clay, as if artisanal

The fashion for naturalness could not but reach the home jungle. Heavy clay pots look great with the smallest plants, as well as with fairly large ones. Their main effect is as if they were made by hand in a pottery workshop, a little uneven, with scuffs. Just do not combine such pots with plastic ones; the color palette also needs to be thought out — it is better to maintain a warm range of natural shades.