Listed all the life hacks in a short video. Watch if you don’t have time to read

one Clean shower head

Hard water deposits often build up in the shower head openings. Surely you haven’t washed it for a long time or tried, but it didn’t work out, because it takes a long time to wash each hole individually. There is a way that all you need is a plastic bag, gum and vinegar. Pour vinegar into a bag, place a watering can in it and tie it up, but so that the vinegar is in contact with the holes in the watering can. Leave the watering can for a few hours, you can overnight. Limescale after this procedure should come off quickly, and you do not have to buy special products.


2 Remove rust from tools

Rusty tools are very difficult to clean. But there are several ways to get rid of rust stains, including vinegar. Pour white vinegar into a jar or glass (large enough to hold a rusty tool). Then lower the tool and leave it for a few hours, maybe overnight. Afterwards, you may have to use sandpaper or a hard sponge to scrape off any remaining rust from the blades. Finally, rinse the instrument under water.


3 Clean your lawn trimmer

When mowing grass, the trimmer blades get dirty. And it is not recommended to clean them with water pressure, as this is an electrical device. The output is a hard brush. For better efficiency and cleanliness, as well as disinfection, it can be soaked in white vinegar, but not so that vinegar flows over the bristles, but lightly.


four Make a fly trap at home

Midges and mosquitoes cause a lot of inconvenience and are especially active in the warm season. If you do not want to buy fumigators, try this recipe. Pour 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a shallow jar and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Put them in rooms. The insects will smell the vinegar and fly towards it, but they will get stuck in the mixture and be unable to get out. Another plus is that such homemade traps are not toxic, unlike most specialty sprays.


5 Wash the windows

Vinegar and a couple of available ingredients — plain water and corn starch — can be used to make a homemade window cleaner. Dilute equal parts water and white vinegar and add a teaspoon of cornstarch. It is more convenient to dilute the mixture in a spray bottle. The vinegar in this product will help remove any dirt, while the cornstarch acts as a mild abrasive. It is best to use a microfiber cloth so that there are no streaks left.


6 Remove stickers and traces of them

Try moistening the sticker with vinegar and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. If you rub it after, there is a chance that it will come off without a trace.


7 Prepare a detergent for vegetables and fruits

Most people wash vegetables and fruits with plain tap water, but this is not as safe as it seems. Therefore, stores offer special tools for this purpose. They can also often wash eggs. Save money and make a homemade solution with one glass of vinegar and a glass of water. It can be poured into a spray bottle to treat, for example, grapes. Or cook immediately in a bowl where you can put vegetables and fruits. Thus, it will be possible to disinfect the peel. After that, you need to lower the food into clean water (not from the tap), dry it and put it in a basket, plate or refrigerator.