If you run out of storage space — this is not a reason to declutter. Try to complete the kitchen with useful accessories. For example, those that are mounted on rails or directly on the kitchen apron. They can conveniently arrange things that should be at hand, and simply remove all unnecessary from the work surface.

one Container «Gultarp», 999 rubles

A capacious hanging container can be hung on the railing. It will be possible to place spices or sauces in it, store textiles, for example, potholders and mittens, or cutlery after washing. Simple and stylish design will allow you to fit «Gultarp» into different interiors.

2 Set of accessories «Sunnersta», 1 045 rubles

Sunnersta is a whole wall-mounted storage system. It is quite compact but roomy. There is also a compartment for dishes, a cutlery holder, and a hanging paper towel holder. This system will allow you to place in it what you need. By the way, it is attached to the wall, but you don’t have to drill anything.

3 Wall shelf «Vadholma», 5 999 rubles

This shelf is quite spacious. It consists of four compartments where you can put dishes and accessories. There is also a hanger with hooks, it is convenient to hang mugs or kitchen textiles on them. Thanks to this design, it will be possible to keep at hand what you need, and at the same time unload the countertop. The shelf can be hung not only on the wall, but also on the backsplash if you do not have upper cabinets in the kitchen.

four Dish dryer «Gultarp», 999 rubles

The place for drying dishes usually occupies an impressive part of the countertop. There may be a table dryer or a regular towel spread out. Be that as it may, the useful area disappears under a mountain of washed dishes. IKEA offers a simple and convenient solution: hang the dryer on the wall. It can be fixed on the railing. Thus, you will immediately free up a large amount of space.

5 Suspended module «Nerebyu», 399 rubles

Stylish hanging module with two woven pockets is perfect for storing small things. These can be small accessories (it is convenient to place cutlery in an elongated pocket) or kitchen textiles, such as potholders. The expressive texture of cotton will add the charm of natural style to the interior of the kitchen.

6 Wall grating «Kungsfors», 1,300 rubles

This grid is mounted on the wall and can act as an organizer. It is easy to hang kitchen items on it, as well as attach hooks and place unnecessary accessories on them that clutter up the countertop. You can arrange storage elements in any way that suits you.

7 Container «Gultarp», 599 rubles

The white ceramic container with copper elements looks bright and stylish. At the same time, it performs an important function: it helps to free the countertop from various things. It can be adapted as an alternative to potted planters or herb cups, and can also hold cutlery.