one folding rack

A small prefabricated rack will complement the storage system in the hallway. You can put this accessory on its own or inside an empty high shelf to make it more spacious and functional.

Similar racks are very mobile
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Such racks are very mobile, they are easy to rearrange from place to place. However, please note that wet shoes cannot be placed on this accessory, as dirt will seep onto the floor through the holes in the compartments. Or put a special rug under the rack.

2 Hanging organizer with pockets

Small shoes can be stored in the pockets on the hanging organizer. This accessory attaches to a wall or door, depending on where the space is.

Vertical storage save
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Vertical storage will save you a lot of closet space. In such an organizer, you can place about a dozen pairs. The hanger is fixed on any suitable surface on hooks. This is convenient if you do not have the opportunity to allocate additional shelves for shoes. The organizer is ideal for ballerinas, sandals or house slippers. But voluminous autumn or winter shoes cannot be organized in this way.

3 Basket

An ordinary wicker basket will help to organize the storage of shoes easily and simply. For example, it is convenient to put house slippers, ballet flats or clean sandals into it.

The basket can be placed under...
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The basket can be placed under a bench in a hallway or in any empty corner. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. You do not have to constantly arrange pairs of shoes on shelves or organizers — just put everything in one basket.

four Bag

A special fabric bag with puffs will help organize the storage of out-of-season shoes. It is convenient to put winter boots, boots or sneakers in the closet.

To navigate faster
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To quickly navigate and understand where the right pair is stored, choose models with a translucent insert or use stickers with signatures. Shoes can be left directly in the bags or put away in boxes.

5 Boot rack

This small accessory will allow you to double your shoe storage space. This stand allows you to stack shoes, shoes or sneakers on top of each other, making the most of the entire usable area.

This is a great way to store d&...
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This is a great storage solution for tall shelves or empty cabinet spaces. One pair will take up half the space, and with the same amount of storage system, you can fit more shoes in it.

6 Container

Shoes that you do not need every day can be conveniently stored not in the original box, but in a special plastic box. Transparent walls will make it easier to find the right pair.

Identical case organizers
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The same organizers will make the shelves in the closet or in the shoe rack more tidy. If a box becomes empty, it can be compactly folded and stored anywhere. You can’t do that with a classic shoe box.

7 fabric organizer

A large organizer insert with several compartments for shoes is suitable for storing compact models. For example, you can put summer shoes or demi-season boots into it.

Such an organizer will help reor
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Such an organizer will help reorganize the shelves in the closet and make them more functional. In addition, it can be placed under the bed or in any other free place.

eight pipe cut

Unusual handmade idea for storing shoes: an organizer made from pipe sections. Each block in it has a round shape and is designed for one pair.

High boots cannot be stored in it ...
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It will not work to store high boots in it, but it is ideal for small boots or sandals. Depending on how many pairs you need to store, this storage system may contain more or fewer compartments.