Listed areas for cleaning in a short video

one Green corner

If you have indoor plants at home, spring is a great time to give them attention and clean up. Follow this plan.

  1. If the pots are on a windowsill or near a window, move them a little deeper into the room — they need to gradually get used to the increasing amount of sunlight.
  2. If you were planning a transplant, now is the best time before flowering begins. If not, then change the top of the soil and remove fallen leaves from the pot.
  3. Pruning: remove withered or excess branches, roots.

  4. Clean the pan in which the plants stand, salt deposits often accumulate in it, which do not benefit the roots.
  5. Gently wipe the leaves with a clean, damp cloth.


2 Bed area

Evaluate the look of your bedroom, think about what you can change to drive away the winter mood. Perhaps it’s time to wash and put away warm winter blankets in closets, change linen for more cheerful and bright ones. You can already change the curtains if you have a winter and summer set.

You also need to pay attention to pillows, a mattress and a blanket. After winter, they need cleaning and airing in the fresh air.


3 Shelf with cosmetics

Check out your makeup shelf or ladies table. Get rid of all products that have expired or are about to expire, replace your winter care products with summer ones. Rinse all containers thoroughly and don’t forget to sanitize all makeup brushes and sponges.


four Wardrobe area

Before you update your spring wardrobe, be sure to have a decluttering session in your closet or dressing room. Wash and put away winter things, get rid of spring and summer clothes that you didn’t wear last year. Such cleaning will help save the budget and tune in to conscious consumption.


Watch video tutorials to help you fold your winter jackets, overalls and vests into a compact and beautiful design.

5 Balcony

Until the really warm days come, prepare a balcony or loggia. Remove everything superfluous, evaluate whether some kind of update is needed. You can still have time to repaint the walls or update the tiles on the floor. Prepare a place to relax to meet warm evenings in the comfort of the fresh air.


6 Desktop

In the spring, it is psychologically easier to find motivation to carry out long-planned tasks. To help you stay productive, tidy up your work area. Disassemble cabinets and drawers, get rid of unnecessary or increase the storage area. This will help free the countertop and leave it empty, which is good for concentration.

Also pay attention to the decor that surrounds you as you work. Dust it off and renew it to cheer you up.


7 Hallway

It can be quite difficult to start cleaning the hallway, because boring and monotonous work awaits you: clean winter shoes, sort them into boxes, sign and put them in the closet, get spring shoes, lay them out. Set aside some time in your diary for this and assign a reward to make this part of spring cleaning a little more enjoyable.


eight Game Zone

Take the time to clean up the nursery, especially if you haven’t done it for a long time. This task can be turned into a task game for kids using different decluttering techniques. For example, you can give them a trash bag and ask them to collect 100 old and broken items in the room or arrange a competition to see who can clean up their closet the fastest.