one Choose organizers in the same style

Freeze can be stored in hard boxes and soft reusable bags. Both methods are durable and convenient, so they are great for organizing space in the freezer.

To create a visual
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To create visual uniformity and a neat picture, choose accessories in the same style. These can be ordinary transparent containers or organizer sets in similar pastel colors.

2 Divide freezing into categories

It is much more convenient to use the freezer, in which everything is clearly divided and lies in its place. To do this, use plastic organizers with category designations (or sign them yourself).

Separate everything you store in the sea...
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Divide everything that you store in the freezer into groups: fish, meat, vegetables, preparations, etc. Such storage is not only convenient, but also more correct from the point of view of the grocery neighborhood. And to make it easier to get food, you can choose containers with a beveled edge.

3 Store vertically

Vertical storage is the most ergonomic way to organize your freezer. If you need more space, freeze foods in layers in zip-lock bags and stack them side by side like books on a shelf.

Vertical storage is ideal
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Vertical storage is ideal for liquid and mushy products such as minced meat, tomato puree or fruit puree. Use tight sealed bags, reusable ones are better — they are stronger and, unlike thin cellophane, they definitely won’t tear.

four Use delimiters

Small plastic dividers help you save space and sort your frozen food. To keep all the packages straight and organized in groups, use plastic inserts that will make several freezer drawers out of one.

This method is similar to the classic...
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This method is similar to the classic partitioning by containers, but it has an important advantage. Plastic dividers usually take up less space and are easier to fit into even the smallest freezer.

5 Choose containers with transparent walls

Freezing in glass containers is the cleanest and safest way to store food. To prevent the glass from bursting, keep solid food in such containers — the liquid expands when it freezes.

Posts do not penetrate through the glass...
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Extraneous odors do not penetrate through the glass, and the food is preserved as naturally as possible. And the transparent walls of the containers help you quickly find the right product and determine the degree of freezing.

6 Sign Freeze

Storage in the freezer also has its own terms. They are more than just chilled products, but they must also be observed.

For example, some types of meat &...
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For example, some types of frozen meat are stored for no more than 6 months, and then the product loses its taste and benefits. To keep track of the state of food in the freezer, they should be marked — write the date and time when the stocks were made.

7 Combine the same container

Another beautiful way to organize your freezer is to store food together in similar packaging. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also simply convenient.

So, one of the compartments of the freezer m...
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So, one of the compartments of the freezer can be given away for food in bags, and storage containers can be arranged in another box. Allocate another section for freezing in the original packaging.

eight Use round coasters

Round organizers are good not only on the countertop or on the shelves in the closet — they can also be used in the freezer. Provided that you have enough space, these containers will help organize the storage of small frozen foods.

For example, in such stands you can ...
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For example, ice cream briquettes can be placed in such coasters, if necessary, sorting it by type or taste. Another use case is to store leftovers from freezing in a small amount.