Despite the fact that pets are rightfully considered full-fledged residents in the house, their accessories often do not have a place. We have chosen some beautiful ideas on how to integrate them into the interior to make it beautiful and comfortable.

one Tray in a closed drawer in the bathroom

A pet toilet is one of the most difficult design solutions. It needs not only to fit beautifully into the room, but also to take care of hygiene.

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For example, you can organize just such a closed cabinet in the bathroom, where the toilet will be stored. For the animal, it is worth equipping a separate entrance, and closing the doors. They will only be opened when cleaning is needed. If there is no space in the bathroom, the tray can be placed in the hallway. Another option is to equip existing cabinets for storing the tray.

2 Food in trash cans

You can plan a tall drawer in the kitchen set. They sometimes store groceries or place containers for sorting garbage. Put a few large containers in there.

They can store dry...
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They can store dry food, for example, for large breeds of dogs. Usually a lot of it is required, and such food cannot be left in an open-top retail package: it can deteriorate. Containers will be a good way out: the lid closes tightly, and the storage is hidden in the drawer and does not affect the interior.

3 Feeders integrated in kitchen furniture

Inside the kitchen drawer, it is easy to place not only food containers, but also pet bowls.

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You can order a set with already existing space for the «dining area» of the animal or fix the bowls in a low drawer. The latter option is convenient in that the feeder will be hidden from view when the pet is not eating.

four Food and bowls in a shoebox

A multi-compartment shoe rack is another interesting option for organizing feed.

In the largest box, you can...
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Dry food can be placed in the largest box. It is better to store it in a bag: it leaves a residue on the surface of the furniture. And below you can equip a bowl for food and water.

5 Wicker basket for toys

A stylish wicker basket can be safely placed in the living room or hallway and put into it various trifles for the pet.

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For example, it can be the storage of toys. When your dogs or cats want to play, they can take something out of the basket themselves.

6 Toys and clothes in the organizer in the closet

If you have a couple of empty organizers in your closet, convert them to store pet accessories.

You can take this vertical...
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You can take this vertical one. Lay out your pet’s toys and clothes in it, designed for cold weather or slush. It is so convenient to store things «out of season» so that they do not take up space in the hallway

7 All items in one place

All useful items for your pet can be concentrated in one place.

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Empty the cabinet or chest of drawers and put accessories and food there. This will make it easier for you to find what you need, plus, the things of the animal will not be lying around the house.

eight Accessories for walking on the shelves in the hallway

Such storage is very convenient: you will get ready for a walk much faster, since all things will be at hand.

Pair of small shelves or hooks...
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A couple of small shelves or hooks in the hallway will solve the problem of placing leashes and other accessories for walking with a pet. You can also hang a training glove and seasonal clothing for your pet there.