Listed in the video ways of storage in the country

one Wicker basket

Old wicker baskets, bought a long time ago, can be used to store everything in the world: put both small and larger items there, depending on the size of the container.

If you keep her in order and...
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If you keep it in order and make sure that the material does not tear, then the basket will be not just a storage container, but also a cool original decoration. If it has decorative details (bows, ribbons, etc.), it is better to get rid of them and rely on the natural texture and beauty of weaving.

2 old box

Vintage furniture in the country interior looks especially organic and cozy. For example, an old box can be turned on its side and used instead of a table or chest of drawers, and various little things can be placed on top: decor, flowers and other beautiful things that you want to emphasize.

To give the drawers a lighter...
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To give the drawers a fresher look and extend their service life, carry out an express restoration: sand the surface, and then cover it with a stain or clear varnish. If the tree is damaged by pests, additionally treat it with an antiseptic.

3 Tableware

Usually a lot of old dishes are stored in the country house: some of them were sent to “exile” recently, others still remember Soviet times. Among the variety of plates, cups and decanters, you can choose the most beautiful and use them for storage.

For example, in jugs you can see...
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For example, kitchen accessories and cutlery look great in jugs. Glasses can be used to organize toothbrushes, and you can put decorations and other trifles that are important not to lose in plates.

four Homemade whatnot

It is convenient to arrange spices, cereals and pasta in the country kitchen using a bookcase. The most budget option is to make it with your own hands from improvised materials: an old box, plywood or ordinary boards. In the country, there are enough such raw materials, so you only need glue, nails and a hammer.

Since there will be storage on the shelf...
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Since the shelf will store food, choose only unspoiled wood. Just in case, treat it with varnish and impregnation from insects. Such a rack will unload your country kitchen and help organize all the groceries in one place.

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5 Box

An old chest can be turned into a full-fledged storage system. To do this, put it in order and add a few shelves and hooks. In such an impromptu closet, you can store anything: from dishes to garden tools.

For example, organize inside o&...
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For example, organize a shoe rack or shelves inside for various little things like country documents and bills. Or make a cupboard with seeds, fertilizer, and unused seedling containers.

6 plastic box

The most common plastic box, in which fruit and vegetables are usually sold in the market, is perfect for organizing small things. It is convenient to put bags with seeds, flower pots, various office supplies or fertilizers in it.

In such a box, you can arrange a store...
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In such a box, you can arrange the storage of accessories for planting and processing beds: a small pruner, spatula, etc. Add vertical dividers if necessary. And this makeshift organizer is convenient to carry from place to place.

7 String bag

Just hang the mesh bag on a nail in the wall or attach a special hook to the place where you want. Store any food in it: from fresh vegetables and fruits to spices and groceries.

And if you hang a string bag near ...
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And if you hang a string bag near the door to the street, you can put dirty gloves in it when you enter the house after working in the garden. It is also suitable for items that are often lost when needed at hand: for example, wet wipes, a bag of nails or tape.

eight glass jars

Glass jars in the country will always come in handy: you can not only make preparations for the winter in them, but also keep various little things or bulk products. You can organize such storage in different ways: arrange the containers on the table, place them in a closet, or screw them by the lids to the top drawers.

In any case, the items inside...
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In any case, the items inside will be safe, as the glass will reliably protect them from moisture, and if the jar is dark, then also from the sun. To quickly find what you need, stick stickers with signatures on the containers.

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