Often the refrigerator in the kitchen is not as big as we would like, and does not fit everything. If you cook a lot and often, then there is no room for storing vegetables and fruits. Also, many have a need to store stocks of potatoes, onions, carrots and other root crops. We tell in the article where to find additional space for storing vegetables and fruits.

one Store in pantry

If you have a pantry in the apartment, it is the best way to store vegetables and fruits. Place them on the lower shelves — the air is colder there, and besides, it will be more convenient to get the right products. Pay attention to the commodity neighborhood, delimit or arrange household chemicals and products at different ends of the room.

2 Stack in drawers

Under the storage of stocks of vegetables and fruits, one of the drawers in the kitchen can be distinguished. It is important to organize storage using organizers or dividers, use a separate container with ventilation holes for each type of product. If the box is deep, organize several storage levels.

3 Place under the sink

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You can store vegetables and fruits under the sink, although this is not the most reliable way due to possible moisture or leaks. But in a small apartment sometimes there is no choice.

If the cabinet under the sink is wide enough, it makes sense to try to put closed baskets for vegetables and fruits. To make it easier to get them, use the retractable mechanism.

four Use kitchen plinth

Additional storage space in the kitchen can be organized by equipping drawers in the kitchen plinth. Put stocks of vegetables and fruits there. Do not forget about ventilation so that the fruits do not rot. Poke holes in the drawers themselves or store supplies in mesh baskets at a small distance from each other.

5 Put up a bookcase or bedside table

If both the refrigerator and all cabinets are occupied, and drawers cannot be made in the basement, put a separate bedside table or bookcase for vegetables and fruits. Divide vegetables and fruits into different levels of the shelf. And don’t forget the ventilation holes.

6 Hang baskets on the wall

If there is not enough storage space either in the refrigerator or in the kitchen, then hanging baskets can be the way out. Large stocks will not fit in them, but some of the vegetables and fruits will fit. You can place them both in the kitchen and in other parts of the apartment where they will not interfere.

7 Buy a special heating cabinet

If the stocks of fruits are large, then it makes sense to think about purchasing a special heating cabinet. Its peculiarity is that it allows you to maintain the desired temperature inside, regardless of the outside. Even if you put it on the balcony in winter at minus twenty, the temperature inside it will remain the same. Most often it is used on an unheated balcony, but you can put a heating cabinet in any free place in the apartment.

eight Design a refrigerator under the window

In some layouts, a niche is provided in the kitchen under the window, which can be used as a refrigerator in winter. If you do not have a battery under the window, then you can design such a system yourself. In sub-zero temperatures, it will be possible to store there not only vegetables and fruits, but also other products that do not fit in the refrigerator. In very severe frosts, make sure that the fruits do not freeze.