Listed all items in a short video

one Stool-ladder «Bekvem», 1 299 rubles

This stool can be used as a mini shelving unit or a stand. It is easy to store plants on it: you can form a spectacular high flower bed right at your home. Or use it to organize a book corner: put stacks of books on the bottom shelf, and put a lamp on the very top. On the mini-stairs, you can arrange a creative exhibition: store drawings or any other hand-made items. Well, in the end, use it as a rack — place boxes with important little things on the shelves-steps.

2 Basket «Lustigkurre», 1 499 rubles

A versatile wicker basket can perform several functions. For example, become a portable bag, and then storage will be convenient and mobile. Replace the box or drawer in the hallway: you can put gloves, umbrellas, scarves and hats there. You can put it by the sofa and put blankets and pillows in it. They will be neatly stored in a basket, and not lying around the room. A wicker basket can be used to place products: potatoes, carrots, onions will be stored for a long time thanks to breathable walls and natural material. And finally, the accessory can be adapted for dirty linen or clean towels in the bathroom.

3 Vase «Berakna», 399 rubles

A basic flower vase can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it is easy to store food in it. The situation is complicated by the lack of a cover: because of this, moisture and air will penetrate inside. Pay attention to the storage conditions of each product before placing it in a vase. It can store jewelry or small things that you bring from the street: checks, business cards, cards. In this case, it is better to choose a vase with transparent walls in order to immediately see what is in it.

four Food bowl «Lurvig», 199 rubles

This is a very unusual, but quite convenient option. Such a bowl can replace an organizer or a small box. It is easy to store jewelry, accessories and hygiene consumables in it. Ideal to put it in the bathroom, hallway or on the dressing table. The bowl looks neutral, so there are no associations with animal accessories.

5 Laundry basket «Skubb», 499 rubles

In this basket you can place many different things, not only linen. For example, store children’s toys in it. Or make it part of the wardrobe and put out-of-season clothes there.

6 Cache-pot «Freedful», 349 rubles

The cache-pot consists of two parts: an inner plastic bowl that does not allow moisture to pass through, and a decorative outer layer that resembles a wicker basket. It is compact so it can easily fit on a shelf. Small accessories can be stored in the pot. Also use it to organize cutlery or stationery. And the natural texture will favorably complement any interior.

7 Stand for hot «IKEA / 365 +», 99 rubles for two pieces

The miniature cork cup holder is the perfect solution for organizing very small items around the house. It can be accessories for creativity: beads, stones, buttons and so on. You can also store jewelry in it — the neutral design of the stand is perfect for this.

eight Plate with compartments «IKEA / 365 +», 599 rubles

And another variation on the theme of organizing small items. An ordinary plate with compartments can become a convenient accessory on your work or dressing table, as well as help to beautifully decorate the space on the shelves or a table in the hallway.