When the repair in the apartment is finally completed, I want to call in the updated interior as soon as possible. But before you settle in the room, you need to clean up after the repair: get rid of dust, debris and traces of building mixtures. Often, cleaning costs are not foreseen, or during repairs, the budget goes beyond the budget and there are not enough funds. We tell in the article what you will need for self-cleaning of the apartment after the completion of construction work.

one Powerful construction vacuum cleaner

The main problem after repair is building dust. It can be difficult to get rid of it, the filter of a household vacuum cleaner quickly becomes clogged, and fine dust particles can get into the engine and cause damage. The best solution would be to rent a construction vacuum cleaner, with its help you can get rid of dust faster and better, and be sure that it will not break. Choose options with a telescopic pipe and different nozzles — you will have to process all available surfaces, including walls and ceilings.


2 Old clothes

No matter how powerful the vacuum cleaner is, particles of construction dust will still settle on your clothes. Try to come to the site already in a working suit, which you will not be sorry to throw away after cleaning. This way you don’t have to worry about accidentally dripping solvent on your pants or getting dirty when you rub dirt in hard-to-reach places.

3 Goggles, respirator and gloves

To protect exposed areas of the body from dust and various solvents, you will need goggles, a respirator and rubber gloves. Stock up on several pairs of gloves in case one gets torn. Choose goggles and a respirator that fit snugly around your face and make sure they are compatible with each other.


four Solvents for building mixtures

After the completion of construction work, traces of various mixtures remain on the surfaces, which are not removed by conventional detergents. Their residues are wiped off with special solvents, individual for each specific mixture. Depending on the type of coating you have on your walls and floor, you may need solvents for cement, plaster, adhesives, and sealants. Also stock up on white spirit. For the treatment of tiles and sanitary ware, more aggressive chemical compounds are suitable. For laminate, parquet or wallpaper, it is necessary to test the effect of the agent on an inconspicuous area so as not to damage the surface with a potent preparation.

5 Ladder

You will need a ladder to clean the ceiling. Usually there is already a staircase in the apartment, it is used by builders for repairs. But if you need to buy it, then choose the right size based on the height of the ceilings and your height. Do not forget to think about where you will store the ladder in the new apartment.


6 Buckets for water and a supply of rags

Take buckets and basins with a margin so that you can clean several rooms at the same time and use different detergents. Prepare a large supply of rags — the more the better. To save cleaning time, it is easier to throw dirty rags away than to launder them. Therefore, you can take an old rag.

7 Surface cleaning tools

To clean the ceiling and walls, you will need a mop with a soft nozzle, with which you will get rid of the dust left after vacuuming. Take a clerical knife and a spatula, with which you can cut or scrape off pieces of dried plaster, putty, cement, glue, foam or sealant. You may also need a steel wool, an abrasive sponge, and a stiff-bristled brush to remove the residue of dried mixtures.


eight Universal detergents

After cleaning all surfaces from the remnants of building mixtures and dust, it will be necessary to do the final cleaning of the apartment with detergents. For plumbing, one universal product containing chlorine is suitable. To clean the walls, use a mild soap solution that will not damage the coating. Don’t forget to take a glass and mirror cleaning spray. For the floor, choose a product suitable for your type of surface. Tiles and laminate are wiped with a sponge with a mild soapy solution, and special care products must be used for parquet or boards.