Indoor flowers can revive even the most boring interior. Plants create a natural atmosphere, give depth and color to a room. Some of them are able to decorate the house even outside the flowering periods. We have collected just such ones in the selection and gave care recommendations so that you can definitely enjoy their beauty for a long time.

Told in a video about beautiful indoor plants

one Zamioculcas

A plant with dark green small leaves located on thick stems. Due to the large number of tall sprouts, this flower looks like a small bush. In the room, it can be placed on a coffee table or directly on the floor. Zamioculcas is an unpretentious plant, but place it away from direct sunlight. You can water once a week. It reacts poorly to high humidity, so you should make sure that water does not stagnate in the pan.

2 Philodendron

An unusual plant with large leaves that change as it develops. Young leaves are heart-shaped, while adults become oval or arrow-shaped. The plant does not have a single specific leaf shape, and this is what attracts the attention of flower growers.

Philodendron can grow to a considerable size, for this place it in a bright place, avoiding direct sunlight. The soil must be kept moist at all times and the leaves sprayed regularly.

3 arrowroot

Large arrowroot leaves with beet-colored veins will decorate any interior. The plant should be placed in a zone of bright but diffused light. The fact is that when exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves lose their spectacular color.

Maranta requires abundant watering, but without stagnant water. Due to the bright coloring, the plant is not suitable for every interior, before buying a flower, think about its location and relevance in the room.

four Crassula

Crassula belongs to the genus of succulent plants, grows in a round small ball. The leaves are small, light green, pot-bellied. Perfect as a decoration for a shelf, window sill or shelving, in combination with books and other decor. The plant can be placed both in direct sunlight and left in a shaded place, most importantly, avoid frequent watering.

5 Aglaonema

This plant is difficult to confuse with others, its sharp leaves seem to have burned out in the sun. Depending on the variety, the veins on the leaves of aglaonema can be light green or raspberry. At the same time, it is impossible to place a flower under direct sunlight, it feels best in partial shade. Watering should be a couple of times a week, avoiding stagnation of water in the soil.

6 Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum is able to bloom indoors with beautiful white buds. With proper care, every spring the plant will delight you with beautiful flowers. At the same time, the spathiphyllum is able to become an object of decoration even during the dormant period, it has beautiful heart-shaped leaves. It should be placed under diffused sunlight and moderately watered a couple of times a week.

7 Aspidistra

The emerald leaves of the aspidistra are quite large and grow upwards, so an adult plant will be tall. Looks in the interior of an independent unit and will fit perfectly into any style. Put the plant on the floor or on a coffee table, especially since it tolerates even the most shaded place. Water several times a week when the topsoil is dry.

eight Strelitzia

Another name for strelitzia is the royal flower. With it, you can create a real jungle in the apartment. Strelitzia is able to grow up to two meters, and to please experienced gardeners with its unusual flowers. The plant needs bright diffused light, it should be protected from direct sunlight at noon. Water strelitzia abundantly, but do not allow stagnant water.