The appearance of bloodsuckers in the house is not immediately noticeable. While there are few of them, they do not cause noticeable inconvenience. This is the best time to start fighting them. As soon as the population increases, it will become more difficult to cope with it at times. We will figure out which chemicals should be used to kill parasites and list the most effective remedies for bedbugs.

All about effective chemicals for bedbugs

Why is it hard to get rid of them?
How to choose a pesticide
Top effective remedies
— Liquids
— Powders
— Aerosols

Why is it difficult to get rid of bloodsucking

The lifestyle of bed bugs determines the difficulty in dealing with them. These are small insects with a body length of 3 to 8 mm. The body is flattened, which helps them hide in narrow crevices and folds of fabric. Color from dark beige to rusty. Parasites feed only on blood. They have a very well developed sense of smell, which leads them to warm-blooded victims. They live in large colonies, in which there are dozens of individuals.

Insects are not capable of fast movement. Their average speed is a meter per minute. However, this does not prevent them, if necessary, from changing their place of residence, crawling from apartment to apartment along ventilation shafts, cracks in the wall, and holes for sockets. Parasites are active only at night. They crawl out of hiding places and get to the source of food. The bed bug pierces the skin and sucks blood so that it does not interfere, injects painkillers into the wound.

During the day, bloodsuckers hide in secluded places where they are very difficult to find. The smallest gaps, the space behind baseboards or wallpaper, furniture and textiles — all this can become a shelter for bed bug colonies. It is very important to find them as early as possible. The fewer individuals settled in the house, the easier it is to deal with them.

In the early stages of «settlement» of parasites, they can only be detected by chance. When the population has already grown significantly, noticeable traces of their vital activity appear. This is an unpleasant smell, accumulations of discarded chitinous shells, bite marks on the bodies of residents. In this case, it is necessary to purposefully look for places where insects have settled, and systematically destroy them.

How to choose a pesticide

The best bed bug killers are chemicals. Their range is very wide. Compositions based on cypermethrin, imiprotrin, chlorpyrifos, permitrin, fenthion work most effectively. Mostly neurotoxic poisons. They penetrate into the body of insects in different ways, blocking the transmission of neural impulses. This causes paralysis and death of the body. Pesticides are dangerous not only for insects, but also for pets and humans. Therefore, such drugs are chosen with caution, taking into account several important points.

  • Active ingredient and its concentration. This determines the effectiveness, but also the degree of danger of the product for people and pets. When the number of parasites is relatively small, it is better to get by with a less toxic drug. In addition, if there are allergy sufferers, elderly or small children in the house, it is necessary to find out in advance whether the chosen remedy will harm them.
  • Release form. It can be liquid, powder or aerosol. The release form determines the speed and convenience of processing, as well as its safety. For example, spraying aerosols is more dangerous, because it leads to the appearance of the smallest poisonous suspension in the air. It settles on surfaces, gets on the mucous membranes and skin. Powder is much safer to apply, but may be less effective.
  • The presence of an odor. Some drugs have a rather persistent unpleasant odor. It can be kept in the treated room for several hours and even days. Normal ventilation may not be enough to get rid of it. If an unpleasant odor is undesirable, flavored formulations are selected. There are insecticides scented with lavender, vanilla, green tea, and the like.

As a result, the selected product should be effective, but at the same time as safe as possible, odorless or flavored, with a convenient form of application.

Top bedbug remedies

For independent use, it is best to choose liquid formulations, powders and aerosols. In each of these groups, top drugs can be distinguished. We offer the most effective remedies for bedbugs in the apartment.


Are issued in the form of concentrates, emulsions, sprays. In the first case, before work, it is necessary to dilute the composition with water in the proportions indicated on the package.

1. «Zonder»

Universal insecticide based on three active ingredients: chlorpyrifos, dicarboximide, cypermethrin. Destroys the entire population of parasites: kills larvae, eggs and adults. Produced in the form of a concentrate, the working solution is prepared immediately before processing. Retains its effect for 50 days. Refers to professional compositions, but independent use is allowed. Effective not only against bedbugs, but also cockroaches, flies.

2. «Executioner»

Concentrated universal remedy based on fenthion. Destroys various insects, depending on their species, the proportions of dilution with water differ. The exact instructions are on the package of the drug. Effective against adults and larvae. The decrease in population occurs after the first application. For best results, a double treatment is recommended. «Executioner» has an unpleasant smell, which disappears for a long time.

3. «Agran»

Concentrated insecticide, available in the form of an emulsion. Means of universal action, so the proportions of its dilution must be specified in the instructions. The active ingredients are chlorpyrophos and cypermethrin. The population dies a week after the treatment. Validity period of «Agran» is 30 days. Can be used indoors and outdoors. It has a strong unpleasant odor. Despite the dark color of the oily liquid, no stains remain after its application.

4. «Delta»

Microencapsulated insecticide of universal action. It is soluble in clean water, the proportions depend on the type of parasites, indicated on the package. The active ingredient is deltamethrin, a potent intestinal contact toxin. Does not work on eggs of pests. Parasites carry microcapsules on their legs and infect the entire colony. The poison is low toxic to humans, but dangerous to cats.

«Delta» has a prolonged effect that lasts for several weeks. The drug remains active after several wet cleanings. Infected insects do not die immediately, but after a while.


Powder mixes are easy to use. They operate accurately and efficiently. The absence of odor and toxic substances allows them to be used in the presence of people and pets.

1. «Hector»

Environmentally friendly drug with an unusual principle of action. When it hits the body of an insect, it literally “sucks” water out of it. The individual dies of dehydration. «Hector» destroys larvae, adult specimens and eggs. Immunity to the powder is not developed, so it is effective against resistant specimens. The effectiveness of the action is not reduced. Sold in jars with a small spout, which makes it convenient to apply dotted. Versatile in use, shelf life, if properly stored, is ten years.

2. Dust

Universal powdered direct-acting insecticide. Produced by different manufacturers, but under the same name. Low toxicity to humans, the active substance is a combination of deltamethrin and fenthion. Processing consists in scattering the powder in places of accumulation or movement of insect pests. The dust has no pronounced odor and leaves no residue. In two weeks, it completely decomposes to harmless substances. During this time, it destroys all adults and larvae that have come into contact with it. Most bloodsuckers die within an hour or two after contact.


The most convenient release form for application. The agent from the can is sprayed precisely onto the infected areas. Some manufacturers also offer removable nozzles on the bottle, with which you can reach the most inaccessible places. Spraying is effective, but quite dangerous, since a poisonous suspension is formed. Therefore, it is necessary to work with an aerosol only strictly according to the instructions.

1. Dichlorvos Neo

A general purpose insecticide used against crawling and flying pests. The active ingredient is a combination of tetramitrin, permitrin and cypermethrin. Available in variations with different smells that are pleasant to humans. Destroys adult specimens, but does not affect eggs, so the treatment is carried out at least twice. The second time — after 8-10 days. The effect of the drug remains on the treated area up to a crescent.

2. «Raptor Destruction of bedbugs»

One of the most effective remedies for bedbugs in the apartment. The dosage of the two active ingredients neopamine-forte and alphacypermethrin is optimally selected for the destruction of larvae and adults. The aerosol is odorless, but after processing half an hour of ventilation is required. The active substance acts very quickly, just 15 minutes is enough. The validity period is 30 days.

All chemical insecticides that are chosen for insect control are dangerous to humans and animals. Therefore, they are used in strict accordance with safety requirements. Before processing, take out or hermetically cover dishes, products, personal hygiene items. People and pets are taken out of the apartment. The working solution is prepared exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it must be printed on the packaging of the pesticide. They process the room only in protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a respirator. The packaging and the remains of the mixture after work are safely disposed of.