one Movie and cartoon motifs

In almost every film, you can find a character or element that best characterizes it. It can be a figure of baby Yoda, a house with colorful balloons, or dragons from the Game of Thrones. Choose your favorite movie, order a character figurine and build a florarium around it. And sometimes you can just add a figurine to the plants and it will immediately transform the whole composition.

2 Adaptation for the season

Another interesting idea for a florarium is to update it every season. For example, in winter, miniature Christmas decorations, a short garland, or snowman and Christmas deer figurines can be added to plants. In spring, Easter bunnies and eggs, paper tulips will be used, in summer — elements of the beach, and in autumn — Halloween and fallen leaves.

3 holiday decorations

You can decorate the florarium for each upcoming holiday, and clean up the decorations after it. Then the decoration will become an interesting tradition and will be more noticeable. For example, for winter decoration, you can use ordinary cotton wool as snow and a small festive figurine. If the plants are planted in an aquarium, it is easy to apply a splash of toothpaste on the outer walls with a toothbrush — they will resemble falling snow, and they can be easily removed with a dry cloth.

four Miniature world inside the florarium

A very cool and stylish idea is to create a miniature copy of the natural landscape. Such a florarium will require effort and time, because you will have to select suitable plants that resemble shrubs and grass, different types of soil to lay out paths and paths, as well as various figures.

You can go further and fill the bottom of the aquarium with transparent epoxy resin, creating a river, and lay out soil for plants on top or install a large model of a volcano.

5 Florarium in the bank

A very stylish way to equip a florarium is to place it in a jar or flask. You can use them as a decorative solution that allows you to view the composition from all sides, or go the hard way and create a closed ecosystem. The latter is more difficult, but at the same time more interesting and exciting. To do this, you need to choose a suitable jar, an additional source of lighting, soil for plants mixed with coffee grounds that retain moisture, and a few unpretentious succulents.

6 Colored primer instead of regular

The easiest way to change the appearance of the florarium is to use colored soil. For this, the primer for aquariums, which is sold in pet stores, is quite suitable. It is safe for plants, does not shed and does not require complex cleaning. Coarse colored soil can be used as drainage at the bottom of the florarium, and fine soil can be sprinkled on top.

7 Florariums made of wood and metal

If a glass aquarium seems too simple, you can look for design solutions with unusual shapes and interesting materials. For succulents with a small root system, shallow wooden pots are suitable, and it will be very cool to find options from larch — it does not rot and has a beautiful warm and bright shade of wood. Glass florariums can be with metal inserts and unusual shapes: in the form of mountains, animals, geometric shapes.

eight Florarium in a regular cup

The florarium in a ceramic cup looks very unusual and bright. Do not forget to put a layer of expanded clay on the bottom and water the soil very carefully and dosed so that there is no stagnation of water and waterlogging of the soil.