one Organize wires

If the wires from the equipment are constantly striking, then the interior seems ill-conceived. Especially if there are a lot of different devices in the house. In addition, it is not very safe: you can catch on the cord and fall. Vacuuming with them is also not very convenient.

There is a solution: the wires from the equipment near the desktop can be attached to special holders. Larger cords should be hidden in a special organizer: they must be carefully rolled up and placed inside.

2 Wash your shower curtains

On the shower curtains, plaque and dirt gradually accumulate, which are not washed off completely. For a neater bathroom interior, simply wash them in the washing machine. For quick cleaning, a short wash cycle is suitable. See what the curtains are made of and choose the right temperature and detergent.

For complex dirt and fungus, you can take a melamine sponge. When using it, it is better to wear gloves. Moisten it with water and rub the dirt.

If all else fails, just change the curtains to new ones. You will see that the interior of the bathroom will sparkle with cleanliness.


3 Remove shampoos from the bathroom

If you store a lot of products in the bathroom, most likely they distract from the interior and create visual noise in it. There are several solutions. You can leave in the bath only what you use daily. In this case, it is worth pouring the funds into the same beautiful bottles. So they will look much neater.

Another option is to organize all storage in one place. For example, you can put funds on a hanging shelf that is attached to the wall. It is easy to place shampoos, shower gels, washcloths and other care accessories here. This way you will get rid of randomly placed bottles around the perimeter of the bathroom.

four Bleach the seams between tiles

Yellow seams spoil the appearance of even the most beautiful tiles. They are able to make the bathroom dirty, even if you recently cleaned it. Special markers for painting tile joints will help to correct the situation. They can not only whiten the space between the tiles, but also change its color.

This method is simple and budgetary, but it will take quite a lot of time from you. It will take at least half a day to go through all the seams. Turn on your favorite music or an interesting podcast — so time will go faster.


5 Clean the dirt from the walls

Pay attention to the walls and furniture surfaces: sometimes it is difficult to notice accidental dirt, for example, splashes of grease in the kitchen, greasy stains near light switches. However, all this affects the neatness of the interior. A damp melamine sponge will help you quickly clean them. Be careful if dirt gets on the paper wallpaper, you need to use special cleaning methods for them.


6 Get an organizer for little things

If you notice that things are constantly scattered on the countertop, the surface of a chest of drawers or in the hallway on the nightstand, get an organizer for them. For example, a small vase or a beautiful tray. Train yourself to put everything on it. You will notice that this way the space will become much cleaner and tidier.


7 Remove wool from furniture and carpet

If you have pets, most likely, wool is constantly collecting on the carpet and upholstery. This makes the interior look messy, even if you clean regularly. Place a sticky clothes roller next to the sofa. If you notice wool, just walk it over the surface. Don’t wait until the dirt becomes particularly noticeable.

A glass scraper will help remove hair from the carpet. Walk the silicone base along the pile: the fur will stick to it.


eight Arrange items in cabinets

Despite the fact that things in the cabinets are hidden from prying eyes behind the doors, the mess in them still affects the overall feeling of cleanliness in the apartment. Often it is enough to put things in boxes and organizers. This will make it much easier to navigate in the closet, and storage will look neater.