How to store your summer wardrobe? Told in the video!

one Put everything in a closed trunk

Cloth-lined saddlebags help keep clothes cleaner. Such a “bag” is convenient to get and store, it is more compact than a plastic organizer. Due to the fact that it is closed with a zipper, the clothes will not fall out when you take out the wardrobe trunk from the top shelves. And transparent inserts will help you quickly determine what kind of clothes are inside.

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2 Label baskets

Out-of-season clothes are usually stored in the most inaccessible parts of the closet, and getting them out of there can be problematic. If you suddenly need something from your summer wardrobe, it will be much easier to find it in a labeled basket than to get it all at once. If the storage containers have opaque sides, be sure to sign them or decorate them with decorative stickers with symbols.

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3 Fold vertically

Vertical storage works great not only at organizing entire closets and shelving, but at the scale of a clothes organizer. To keep things from wrinkling and taking up less space, fold them in a roll or vertical stacks, as in the photo below. So more clothes will fit into one organizer, and storage will be more ergonomic.

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four Clear out some shelves

Trying to organize your entire summer wardrobe into empty spaces on already crowded shelves is a bad idea. Most likely, even if he fits in there, the extra clothes will violate the existing order. It is best to allocate separate shelves for out-of-season items or even an entire closet compartment, if space permits. Organize the rest of the space as you always do, and fill the additional “seasonal” section with things that are temporarily not needed.

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5 Make room for bags

Bags are an important part of any wardrobe that needs special storage. If you fold them randomly, where necessary, it will create a mess, and the products themselves may be damaged. Provide one or more shelves for these accessories. And if there is no space, you can attach hooks to the door or hang an organizer for summer bags on a bar.

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6 Use the top of the shelves

Usually the shelves in the wardrobe are only half full. This makes storage less capacious. To more compactly organize summer items, use organizers that are attached to the top of the shelf and take up space that is usually empty. You can put both small accessories and more voluminous things in them: T-shirts, pajamas, swimwear.

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7 Organize hat storage

If you love hats, be sure to consider convenient storage for these accessories. So that they do not wrinkle and do not take up too much space in the closet, use additional surfaces. For example, you can attach hooks to the walls or doors of a closet where out-of-season clothes are stored.

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eight Put the baskets on the cabinet

If there is no storage space for your summer wardrobe at all, use the space at the top of the closet. As a rule, it is enough to organize additional storage. It is important to arrange everything neatly so that there is no feeling of a visual mess. For convenient and aesthetic storage, wicker or fabric baskets with opaque walls are suitable.

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