Storage of clothes can be organized in different ways: there are both closed wardrobes and open shelving systems. But now one of the most popular options is a floor hanger. Ask why? This is not only a place to store things, but also a stylish accessory or piece of furniture for your apartment.

one Floor hanger that fits perfectly into the interior

The photo shows the usual design of a hanger with a horizontal bar full of clothes hangers. When designing such storage, it is important that it fits into the room, “merges” with neighboring furniture.

Here, for example, a hanger...
Instagram @sveta.yashchenko

Here, for example, the hanger is supported by a dusty yellow chest of drawers and themed decor in the form of hats on the wall (real ones, of course!). A tray with a bouquet and trifles, moved up to the clothes, also, as it were, connects it with the furniture set.

2 Stylish bracket in the corner of the room

You can literally make a floor stand one with the room by attaching a crossbar on one side to the wall. No special construction is required: just remove one of the legs and fix the unit in the right place.

The example in the photo is also successful because ...
Instagram @_jarunina_

The example in the photo is also successful because the hanger is in the corner: it complements the interior with stylish shades, but does not protrude too much because of the chest of drawers. By the way, about the palette: the warm colors of the clothes are ideally combined with the mustard curtains in the background. With white furniture — what you need.

3 Total white hanger that adds aesthetics and airiness

You can choose clothes in special shades for the bracket, or you can not complicate your task, while hitting the bull’s-eye of fashion trends.

Feminine blouses in white gamma...
Instagram @marcelgracieuse

Feminine blouses in white, as in the photo, can refresh the interior, and in combination with gilded elements, paintings, mirrors, make it bohemian. Why not a complete accessory? If you are inspired by this option in your bedroom or living room, then it is not at all necessary to hang things in a tight row — a more sparse composition will give even more weightlessness.

four Thematically designed hanger in a niche

In the photo, the floor hanger stood in a niche on the balcony — an option to note for those who have an insulated loggia. Location is not the main highlight; minimal but artfully chosen decoration creates the main impression.

The natural texture of wood, clothing...
Instagram @semeika_malakhov

The natural texture of wood, clothes in white and sand colors, a straw hat, espadrilles create a summer atmosphere. You can decorate the rack for any season. Add deep saturated shades, large knitting, a voluminous scarf — you will get autumn. Christmas prints, bright colors, rough textures — and it will be winter.

5 Fashionably designed floor hanger in the changing area

If a hanger is about clothes, then the idea of ​​​​a dressing room is not far off? In the photo, the bracket has become the center of the dressing area with a full-length mirror and non-flashy decor.

A small carpet is also requested here...
Instagram @julesnovik

A small rug is also requested here — fluffy or jute — on which the fitting process will be even more pleasant. Of course, you should not forget about the selection of beautiful clothes, but here you can hang prepared sets for the morning or examples of images. And then — only with pleasure to take them off the hanger and put them on.

6 Children’s floor hanger to make packing easier for the little one

Even in the nursery there is a place for a small floor hanger. And not just for girls!

You can fit it into the overall design ...
Instagram @inspire_mom

You can fit it into the overall design with the help of decor and toys to match, but this detail will not be useless either. For example, it is also worth hanging ironed clothes of a child here, so that before leaving the house he dresses himself.

7 Basic hanger with carefully selected items as decoration

Often the decoration of a hanger is not its design and not the decor used to decorate it. The clothes themselves!

On this minimalistic crown
Instagram @cgrabowska

There are no flashy colors on this minimalist bracket (this is a budget Mulig from IKEA), but the combination of “polka dots”, solid colors and different textures with a vintage brown handbag against a white wall looks fresh and beautiful.

eight Massive rack with tall baskets

Not always thin light hangers and sophisticated clothes fit the interior of the room (and as we remember, this correspondence is important).

In this photo, the bracket was chosen ...
Instagram @remont_i_love

In this photo, they chose a dark wood bracket with more massive «beams» that echo the same wooden window sill. And for greater functionality, jute baskets were used. They can store small handbags, scarves, belts — and conveniently, and corresponds to the original purpose.