Any plants, be it a banana tree in a pot or a ficus in a pot at home, serve one purpose — to make the interior more natural and natural. In addition to aesthetic accents, many plants disinfect the air, are antiseptic or medicinal, and they can also be added to food.

one laurel

Bay tree can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has a clear geometric shape and can become an architectural accent in the room. In nature, laurel lives for more than a hundred years and blooms regularly in spring. Indoors, the tree may not bloom at all, and life expectancy is reduced to 15 years. The ideal place for such a tree is well warmed up, but without direct sunlight. Moderate watering is needed: like most plants, the bay tree is afraid of too moist or overdried soil.

2 figs

Its homeland is subtropical, but despite this, the tree feels great both in the gardens of the middle lane and in apartments. Moreover, it regularly bears fruit in the apartment up to twice a year, and the fruits are not inferior in taste to those grown outdoors. Feels great in a well-lit place in direct sunlight. The tree should be watered once a week. It is best to determine the right moment by the condition of the soil: as soon as it is dry, wait a day and start watering.

3 Money Tree

A thick tree trunk with many branches and spreading leaves looks incredibly attractive both in the interior of an apartment and on a balcony or terrace. The plant does not need serious care: make sure that it does not stand under the scorching sun, and water it once a week. It feels best in a humid environment, so if your apartment has too dry air, sometimes irrigate the leaves with a spray bottle.

four Olive Tree

Needless to say, the olive is a must-have for Mediterranean-style interiors. The plant looks elegant and does not require serious care. Feels good in a lit sunny place. Water it as the soil dries out. The olive tree will only bear fruit if cross-pollinated, but even without this, the tree looks very aesthetically pleasing in the interior.

5 ficus

No list of plants for a house or terrace is complete without ficus. This is a versatile plant for any interior that looks attractive and does not cause much trouble with care. Place the ficus planter in a well-lit space, but not in the scorching sun. Water more frequently in summer, and reduce watering in winter. In any case, you should focus on the soil: if it is wet, you don’t need to water it, humidify the air in the room or irrigate the leaves.

6 citrus trees

Despite the fact that you should not expect a full-fledged harvest from indoor citrus trees, a compact tree with small bright fruits can decorate the interior of a room or balcony. For good health, he needs a lot of light and moisture. But do not fill the pot, otherwise the root system may begin to rot and the plant will die.

7 Coffee

It is not difficult to grow a coffee tree, it can even be done from green beans. What’s more, most coffee trees produce excellent fruit at home, and you can periodically enjoy a cup of coffee grown by yourself in the morning. It is best to place the coffee tree in full sun and water frequently. But be careful with the movement of the pots: the peculiarity of the plant is such that it can stop growth even with a small change in location.

eight tree dracaena

This is a rather tall tree: up to three meters with a mop of ruffled leaves at the ends of the branches. Dracaena looks like a palm tree, and palm trees in the interior are always associated with a relaxed holiday mood, reminiscent of the sea and the beach. In order for the plant to please the eye, it must be watered often. It looks most attractive in a minimalist setting or on an open veranda.