one Showy Plants Solo

Plants with an unusual crown, leaves of complex shape or beautiful inflorescences are best left as the main characters of the windowsill. When mixed with other species, they may lose their beauty. If there are several bright colors on the window at once, each of them will look less attractive, and the surface, on the contrary, will become overloaded. It is better to leave a planter with such a plant alone as the main decorative element on the window.


2 Several identical plants in a row

Creating a harmonious and orderly look on the windowsill is quite simple — for this you need to choose flowers and pots of the same size and shape. Plants of the same variety, arranged in a row, look most impressive. It is better that these are small seedlings — they do not block natural light and do not look massive.


3 A small number of small flowers

Do not forget that the window is a source of natural light, and if it is forced by tall plants, the room will become gloomy and lose its lightness. In addition, too many flowers on the windowsill complicate their care — it is difficult to get a randomly dropped lump of soil between tightly spaced planters, as well as to wipe spilled water. In order not to make a mess and not lose a beautiful view from the window, it is better to thin out the number of flowers. At the same time, consider the width of the window sill: if it is narrow, then it is better to put small plants in small pots.


four Tall plants along the edges of the window

If you like large plants, but don’t want to block the window, there is a special arrangement for you. Its essence is that the smallest flowers are placed in the center, and the largest ones are placed along the edges of the window sill as a frame. You can put nothing at all in the middle and limit yourself to a couple of plants on the sides of the window. Or create an interesting composition, where all the seedlings are arranged in height — from the largest at the edges to the miniature in the center.

5 Several varieties in one pot

Instead of choosing perfectly matched planters and wasting time combining them on the windowsill, plant several plants in one large pot or container. It will only be necessary to draw up a diagram of the arrangement of flowers in the selected container so that everything looks harmonious, and not chaotic. You can combine similar varieties, for example, different herbs or succulents and cacti.


6 Composition of plants and decor

You can emphasize the beauty of a single houseplant or a composition of several seedlings with the help of decor. Next to natural greenery, decor made from natural materials with a beautiful texture looks organic, for example, stone or wooden figurines. Emphasize the exoticism of flowers by placing a few ethnic-style decorations side by side. Candles, trays, aroma diffusers can also be combined with indoor plants.


7 A combination of rhyming pots

“Make friends” ‎ several different in shape, size and variety of plants on the same windowsill will help planters. You can choose pots that are as close as possible in size, color, material, or make an ensemble of harmoniously combined containers. Glass and other glossy materials look good together, add brutality to them using a concrete-like texture or metal imitation.


eight Combination of different varieties and forms

You can create a beautiful varied mini-garden on the windowsill by combining a variety of plants in shape and variety. For example, put a lush ficus, an elongated cactus and a slender cypress next to it. When making a combination, consider the needs of plants for care and the most comfortable neighborhood of varieties. As for the appearance — be guided by the principles of eclecticism.