The eastern window sill is moderately lit: there are no direct scorching rays here, while the sunny day is long enough. We have made a selection of plants that will feel great in this place.

Listed the plants in the video

one Orchid

Some varieties of orchids are ideal for oriental window sills. These include, for example, phalaenopsis and encyclia. In order for the plant to grow healthy and beautiful, it is important not only to find the right place for it and provide good care, but also to choose a viable sprout in the store. It should be uniform in color, with silvery roots and no spots.


2 Chlorophytum

Chlorophytum is unpretentious and can survive in different conditions, but feels especially good on a windowsill with moderate lighting. Variegated leaves need a lot of light to maintain color, which is just from the east side. You just have to water the flower regularly so that it grows evenly and pleases the eye.


3 succulents

These beautiful miniature plants belong to the cactus family. Like all desert dwellers, they love the sun and do not like excess moisture. Succulents need good lighting — in the apartment these are the southern and eastern window sills. From different varieties of this plant, you can arrange a whole florarium. Do not forget that succulents should not be watered often, otherwise they will die.


four cacti

Cacti love light and warmth — these two factors are necessary for the plant to live for a long time, not get sick and feel good. Eastern window sills are evenly lit, which means they are perfect for any cacti.


5 Croton

This spectacular variegated plant loves light. It is good illumination that Croton needs to maintain a beautiful leaf color. In the shade, the plant feels uncomfortable, and this is immediately reflected in its appearance.


6 Cyclamen

Thanks to its bright pink flowers, cyclamen looks very decorative. In order for the plant to feel good and bloom properly, it needs a lot of light. But cyclamen does not like direct rays and grows better in diffused light. In addition to proper light, the flower needs regular watering so that the soil does not dry out.


7 Passionflower

This is an unusual and spectacular plant with very beautiful inflorescences. The flowers are quite large, up to 10 centimeters in diameter, but do not please the eye for long. The plant is extremely photophilous, so the eastern window sill for passionflower is ideal. In autumn, the flower goes into hibernation, so for a while it is best to rearrange it in a darker place.


eight Azalea

Growing an azalea at home is quite difficult, since it feels most comfortable at low temperatures (about 18 degrees and below). Despite the love of cool air, the plant needs good lighting without scorching direct sunlight — exactly the same as it usually happens on the east side.


9 Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe has very beautiful bright flowers and convex glossy leaves. The plant likes moderate watering, good light and does not tolerate bright sun. Kalanchoe should be pruned after each bloom so that it goes dormant for a while.