The video lists all the ways to keep the kitchen clean

one Remove dirt while working

Make it a habit to clean up immediately after cooking or even during it. For example, wipe down a dirty countertop after something has been spilled on it. Wash the cutting boards while the dish is simmering on the stove. So you will not only clean up very quickly, but also speed up the whole process twice.


2 Rinse cooking accessories immediately

This point follows from the previous one: it is better to rinse all the accessories for cooking at once than to leave them for later. We are talking about strainers, graters, knives, garlic presses or, for example, a spoon with which you applied buckwheat. The remains of the products to such things will dry out very quickly, it will be much more difficult to wash them later.

3 Use a spoon holder

Accessories that you use when cooking should not be placed on the countertop: dirty marks will remain. Use a special stand for this purpose. You can put a spoon, spatula or ladle on it. In this case, you do not have to once again wipe the countertop. And the stand can be washed much less frequently in the dishwasher or by hand.


four Keep cleaning supplies handy

Cleaning products for sinks, stoves and countertops are best kept nearby. For example, they can be placed under the sink. And sponges and brushes are in the organizer near the sink. The better you organize storage, the easier it will be for you to clean up: the right bottles will always be at hand.

5 Designate a cooking area

Determine the area of ​​the countertop where it is more convenient for you to cook, and use only it. So it will be much easier for you to clean up: just wipe this place, as well as the space near the sink. The rest of the countertop will remain clean.


6 Unload dishwasher in the morning

Another process to make a habit: start unloading the dishwasher in the morning, and don’t drag it out until the middle of the day. In this case, you do not have to accumulate dirty dishes in the sink, you can immediately put them in the dishwasher. Then all the dishes will be hidden inside, and cleanliness and order will reign in the kitchen.

7 Don’t put off washing dishes

Try to start the dishwasher as soon as enough dirty dishes have accumulated in it. A large number of dirty items may not fit into the machine, in which case you will have to wash them with your hands to keep the kitchen in order.

If there is no dishwasher and you have to wash the dishes by hand, then adopt the following rule. It says: if an unwanted thing can be dealt with in 5 seconds, you should do it right away. Applying it to washing dishes is simple: if the plate is not very dirty and you can wash it quickly, then you don’t need to put it off, then it’s more difficult to clean the dried dirt. If washing in five seconds fails, fill the container with water with a drop of detergent and let the dirt soak.


eight Clean up every evening

Another useful habit is to do minimal cleaning in the evening: wipe the table and countertops, put all the items in their place. So you do not have to spend time on this before breakfast, and spoil your mood early in the morning.

9 Sweep or vacuum regularly

When cooking, pieces of food sometimes fall on the floor from the countertop, when washing dishes — drops of water, and while eating — crumbs from the table. All this can seriously spoil the appearance of the kitchen if you forget about cleaning the floor for a long period. Therefore, it is better to go through it with a broom or a vacuum cleaner at least once every few days. So the kitchen will look much tidier, and at the end of the week you won’t have to start a general cleaning with washing the floor.


Cover photo: Unsplash