To fit a large number of things, it is not enough just to buy a spacious closet. It also needs to be properly organized. Various tricks will help to store an increased volume of clothes and shoes: transformer accessories, smart organizers and useful little things that allow you to use the inner surfaces of the cabinet, doors, and the tops of the shelves.

Listed in a short video all the necessary goods

one Container with lid «Glis», 249 rubles

Many different cells and dividers — ideal for organizing small things. By dividing them into sections, you will be able to allocate some more storage space in the closet. Your favorite accessories will always be at hand: it is much easier to find them in a container with dividers than in a single box. A convenient lid on top will protect the contents of the box from dust. Suitable for stationery, toys, jewelry, watches.

2 Hanger for trousers «Boaxel», 700 rubles

A separate hanger for trousers will help organize their convenient storage. On special brackets, the trousers will not wrinkle, and it will be easy to find the right pair. Such a hanger can be fixed at the bottom of the niche where blouses or shirts hang — often it is the bottom space of the closet that is empty.

3 Retractable hanger «Compliment», 800 rubles

This hanger is attached to the inner wall of the cabinet. The design on the rails allows you to pull out the panel and conveniently get any object even from the very last hook. It is convenient to store belts, ties, bags, scarves, and some hats on the Compliment hanger. By fixing it on the vertical wall of the wardrobe, you will free up space on the shelves for storing additional things.

four Hook for clothes rail «Helpa», 149 rubles for 2 pieces

You can store twice as much things on a double-sided hook as on a regular one. The accessory is attached directly to the bar, does not take up space on the doors or walls. It is convenient to place clothes, accessories (belts, scarves, scarves), backpacks or bags with small handles on the Help hooks.

5 Divider for pull-out shelf «Compliment», 400 rubles

Such dividers allow you to store small items of clothing in their places. Thanks to neat storage, you will be able to allocate more space for additional items. The soft material with which the divider is upholstered is suitable for the careful maintenance of even the most capricious items. For example, jewelry with precious stones, watches, glasses, underwear.

6 Clothes rail «Helpa», 600 rubles

The cross bar is equipped with additional hooks, on which it is convenient to store bags, outerwear with eyelets, accessories. On the bar itself, you can place shirts, trousers, dresses on a coat hanger.

7 Hanging basket «Observator», 250 rubles

Often the shelves are not filled to the end, their upper part is empty. Using this space, you almost double the volume of each shelf. Baskets of this design help to get the most out of the most ordinary closet in the hallway or bedroom.

eight Hook and clip «Latthet», 149 rubles for 2 pieces

The facade of the cabinet can also be used for storage. In order not to drill and violate the integrity of the furniture (extra holes spoil the appearance), use Velcro accessories or those that are hung on the door leaf from above. They can be removed at any time and moved from place to place without damaging the furniture.

9 Box with compartments «Russla», 499 rubles for 2 pieces

With the help of such an organizer it is convenient to sort clothes by categories or colors. Use it in a drawer as a divider or on a regular shelf. The container with all the contents is easy to get out of the closet, take the right thing and put it back without disturbing the internal order.

Bonus: expert opinion

We asked IKEA to personally talk about what to consider in filling the storage system.