Do you often lose things at home? Watch this video! In it, we listed the tips from the article

one Batteries

In any home there are devices that run on batteries: remote controls, children’s toys, garlands. When the time comes to change them, you have to look for suitable batteries in the boxes for a long time. And then it is painful to determine which batteries were found: new or used, which have not yet been recycled.

If this is a problem for you, store new batteries in a suitable container near tools or chargers. And for used ones, put the jar somewhere in the kitchen, not far from the trash can: for example, in the back of the cabinet under the sink.

2 Glasses

The thing that gets lost the most is glasses. Solar ones are usually needed in a hurry before going out, ordinary ones when you need to read something. But neither the first nor the second is ever in place. Choose a storage method depending on the size of your glasses collection. In the dressing room or hallway, you can put a floor hanger with a hanging organizer for 6-10 pairs. A case for 2-3 pairs can be put on a bedside table (for vision), a shoe rack in the hallway (sunny), a coffee or work table (protective).

3 light bulbs

Replacing a burned out light bulb is not as easy as it sounds. Usually, dark corners in an apartment are formed due to the fact that no one wants to spend time looking for a suitable replacement.

And if light bulbs of different formats were stored in one cardboard box somewhere in the pantry or on the top shelf of the closet, the replacement would be faster. At the same time, in this box you can store a sheet on which the name of all the lamps used in the house is written, so that it would be easier to go to the store for them.


four Headphones

To prevent your headphones from getting lost, broken or confused, get accessories to store them. For large models, a stand is suitable, which is usually stored on the desktop. For small wired ones — a bright noticeable case: you can buy it or make it yourself.

5 Umbrella

Morning preparations are often delayed due to the fact that it is raining outside, and the umbrella is lost in the depths of a chest of drawers or one of the many bags. A simple hook on the wall in the hallway or a stand near the front door will significantly save time searching and save your nerves.

6 coins

Coins are often scattered throughout the house, but are not seen when they are needed. Place an easy-to-open piggy bank in the hallway to unload small things from your pockets into it. She will help out when you need to pay for the order to the courier who arrived without change.


7 Screwdriver

Of all the tools in the house, it is the screwdriver that is most often needed. Every time you have to get a heavy tool box from the mezzanine or pantry, look for the right screwdriver in it, and put it back in place. To save time, put one spare in your kitchen or hallway drawer.


eight First Aid

Keep a small extra first aid kit in the kitchen with burn foam, peroxide, bandages, and band-aids. If there are allergies in the house, you can add antihistamine tablets to it. Then, in case of a cut, burn or other accident, you won’t have to run to another room and get a big box with different medicines. It will be possible to immediately treat the damage or remove the allergic edema.


9 Hair bands

Many are faced with the problem of disappearing hair ties. Get two containers for them: near the mirror for fees and in the bathroom. Let the container be without a lid and in plain sight, then there will be no desire to throw an elastic band past it and lose it.