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one Cutting boards

Quite often, cutting boards are chaotically hidden in drawers in a closet and take up much more space than they could. Storage on the door will help organize a small number of boards and save space. You can use special holders offered by kitchenware brands or improvise and take, for example, an organizer with a basket that attaches to any surface.

This holder will fit 3-4 ...
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In such a holder, 3-4 cutting boards will fit and there will be room, for example, for a rolling pin or a roll of foil.

2 Nozzles for food processor

A variety of attachments for a food processor is quite difficult to organize. They will not fit compactly in a drawer cabinet, and you cannot put them in a glass for kitchen appliances, since it must be very wide.

The way out is to hang a hook on the door ...
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The way out is to hang Velcro hooks on the door and organize the storage of nozzles in this way. Moreover, this option is also convenient because you can choose any place for hooks and the distance between them — as it will be convenient.

3 Kitchen knives

Storing kitchen knives is not such an elementary task as it might seem at first glance. Special holders for mounting on a countertop often do not wash well, and if they are wooden, they also get moldy if there is no habit of wiping wet appliances well. In drawers without special organizers for knives, the blades become dull quickly. Therefore, quite often you can find a solution — storage using magnetic holders, for example, on an apron.

With the same success magnetic holder...
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With the same success, the magnetic holder can be attached to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door. If there are a lot of knives, just take a few magnetic holders. This storage option will significantly save space on the apron or inside the drawer.

four Towels

Hang some hooks to store cloth towels on the door or use the free space for a paper towel holder.

The only obstacle to
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The only obstacle to this storage option is a densely filled closet. The roll of paper towels may not fit when the locker closes. Before attaching the holder, try to attach the roll and test.

5 Baking paper and foil

Rolls of baking paper, foil, baking bags are often stored in drawers, but you can organize the space more conveniently by attaching a holder to the door and placing the rolls there.

Life hack: try the same va...
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Life hack: try the same storage option not only with rolls, but also with large and oblong kitchen utensils. For example, with rolling pins.

6 measuring spoons

If you are passionate about cooking, and measuring spoons are piled up in a drawer, you can organize them in this way — hang them on the cabinet door.

In addition, you can sign...
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In addition, you can sign each spoon so that, if necessary, you can quickly take an accessory of the required volume.

7 Cleaning accessories

Kitchen cleaning equipment, as well as napkins and rags, can be hung on the railing or a container can be attached to the door, where sponges and brushes without a hole for hooks can fit.

Thus, it is easy to release
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Thus, it is easy to free the interior of the kitchen from the visual noise that multi-colored sponges and napkins create. Make sure that moisture does not accumulate in the container.

eight Lids

Storage of lids is a sore point for almost all lovers of order, as they take up a lot of space in drawers and on shelves and almost always create chaos.

In stores you can find a variety of...
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In stores, you can find a variety of lid holders that are attached to the inside of the cabinet door. And no mess!

9 Packages

Tidy up your «package with packages». Organize storage in this way — choose a container of the right size and shape and hang it on the cabinet door.

Perhaps this is how you...
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Perhaps in this way you will come to the fact that packages will be more often delivered and reused. Usually, if they are crumpled into a heap in a closet or in a drawer, you don’t even want to look there.