We collected the coolest ways in the video:

one Hang in front of a window

From small pots with miniature plants, you can make a garland for the window. To do this, you need to buy a clothesline and a few hooks at the hardware store. Hooks can be hooked to the eaves or mounted in the ceiling.

First of all, you need to choose a suitable weaving pattern. The more minimalistic you plan the end result, the easier it will be to achieve it. For a planter, as in the photo, you will need to tie about fourteen knots, the first time it will take about half an hour.


How to tie such a bag of rope?

  1. Take eight long pieces of rope (the excess can be cut off later) and combine them into one knot. This is the base on which you now need to put an empty pot, so that it is clear where to knit the next knots.
  2. Break these eight segments into pairs. Twist these pairs together and secure with a knot. The knots should be close to the base of the pot, supporting it so it doesn’t fall out.
  3. Next, weave the mesh. Separate the segments and tie them into knots with neighboring ones.
  4. The last grid nodes will be already above the edge of the pot. Twist the pieces of rope again in pairs, and tie the last knot at the top so that you can hook the structure onto the hook.

2 put on the podium

In Russia, it is not customary to put small pots on the floor. But try to get a small wooden podium for your plants, and place pots on it at different heights with plants of different sizes. You get an interesting green composition.


3 Surround the dining area

Fans of eco-friendly interiors will love the idea of ​​surrounding the dining table with plants. Next to it, you can place large plants like monstera or palm trees in outdoor pots. And also arrange pots with climbing plants on the shelves nearby.


four Place on kitchen countertop

A kitchen worktop can be decorated with more than just beautiful storage accessories or crockery. Try placing pots on it with plants that will come in handy in cooking: basil, rosemary, mint, arugula, thyme, green onions.

5 Set up a small seating area

If you do not have the opportunity to place a spacious seating area with a large sofa in the apartment, and one small chair looks divorced from the interior, use plants. Pick up two or three large plants and arrange them next to the chair, but do not lean against the wall. Let all the plants be at different levels so that the composition looks more voluminous.


6 Put on the dining table

It’s not customary for us to place houseplants on the dining table, but they can make a beautiful green accent and don’t need to be refreshed as often as a bouquet of cut flowers.

If you are worried about the cleanliness of the table, use a stand with legs, under which it is easy to wipe the dust. Or get a plant that can grow in water, then there will be no clods of earth on the countertop. Tropical plants are suitable: eichornia, drooping reeds, dracaena sander, cyperus.

7 Let under the coffee table

Usually plants are placed on a coffee table, but a climbing plant can be placed under it. Then it will crawl along the legs of the table.

eight Play with old things

Unusual solutions for placing home plants can inspire you with a mezzanine or a balcony with old things. Pots can be placed in an old suitcase or on a children’s bicycle, and organically fit into the interior.

9 Put on the side of the bath

It is customary to decorate the bathroom with candles, beautiful bubbles for shampoos. But try putting a shade-loving plant on the side of the bath to diversify the interior. Suitable spathiphyllum, crested chlorophytum and sansevieria.