The pantry unloads the apartment and makes the interior neater. All unnecessary items can be stored on shelves behind a closed door and not worry about their aesthetics. But in order for the pantry to be comfortable, it is important to provide for several points in its filling. We talk about popular mistakes in organizing this room in the article.

one Abandon modular systems

Stationary shelves are quite convenient, but modular systems with the possibility of transformation to changing needs are an indispensable filling of the pantry. If you have the opportunity to equip the space with such systems, do it. So you save yourself from global alterations and redevelopment in the future.

2 Don’t plan the room

It seems that planning a pantry is easy: equip shelves, drawers and put things in random order. In fact, the situation may become more complicated: all the items that you were going to store may not fit into the room. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the number of things in advance, measure them and allocate the necessary space for placement. To do this, you need a pantry plan, without it, storage can turn into chaos.

3 Don’t prioritize things

Use the following method: all items that are regularly needed should be located no higher than you can reach with your outstretched hand. If you neglect this rule, then it will be inconvenient to use the pantry. You will have to regularly put a step up to get to things at the top, while low shelves will be occupied by unnecessary items.

four Refuse additional lighting

Illumination of drawers and shelves is very important, it makes it easier to find the right thing. Storage in a pantry without additional light, especially with insufficient general lighting, is inconvenient. You will spend much more time looking for what you need than if you immediately see all the contents of a drawer or shelf.

5 Use only opaque containers

Storage is recommended to be made as viewable as possible. If possible, choose clear plastic, mesh, or at least boxes and jars with labels. Without them, you can easily get confused and look for the right item for a long time.

6 Refuse accessories that save space

Bet on accessories that save space. For example, on organizers that are conveniently stacked on top of each other, hanging baskets for drawers or vacuum bags. In the latter, the storage of bulk textiles will be much more compact. These accessories will help free up more space for storing other things and allow you to use space in the pantry more efficiently.

7 Leave empty space

The pantry is a relatively small room. That is why all its space should work to the maximum. You should not put all the items on the central shelves, and leave the corners and upper tiers empty. Try to use every centimeter to your advantage. Upstairs, you can organize the storage of things that you rarely use, such as spare chemicals or groceries.

eight Avoid vertical storage

Stacked storage frees up more space and allows you to organize things compactly. You can organize it with the help of special accessories, boxes and organizers: it is more convenient to stack them on top of each other.

9 Do not use door surface

Do not forget that the door leaf is at least a couple of tens of centimeters of free space. This also applies to the front door to the pantry, and small doors from the boxes. Equip them with hooks, shelves with suction cups or hangers. These places are ideal for storing small items.