Items from our selection are “small” not always in size or volume, like, for example, a TV screen. But they seem “small” on the scale of other obligatory tasks: washing the floor or plumbing. However, they should be cleaned periodically.

Listed items from the selection in the video

one Form for ice

Many have not only the standard ice molds that come with the refrigerator, but also purchased specially to decorate the cocktail. Or just indulge yourself with an unusual accessory. Even if you pour only water there, the mold may come into contact with other products in the freezer. And periodically it needs to be washed.

2 Glass for toothbrushes

It is advisable to wash the glass for toothbrushes more often, in order to avoid the appearance of mold inside it (because often the brush is returned to the glass wet). In addition, streaks from soapy water and splashes of toothpaste also remain.

3 soap dish

Despite the popularity of liquid soap, there are still adherents of the traditional bar product. Therefore, soap dishes are in use. There are pieces of soap on them that need to be cleaned periodically. Sometimes a fungus also “starts” on soap dishes. To prevent this from happening, include them in your cleaning list every time you clean your bathroom.

four Frames of paintings and photographs

Dusting the picture frames, posters and photos on the wall is usually a task that is set in the general cleaning process. But it accumulates there more often than once a month or two, when such cleaning is started. Think about the last time you cleared frames. If it’s been a long time, then it’s time to do it.

5 router

The router, if it is not hidden in a closet, but stands on a shelf, collects as much dust on itself as the decor, or all the furniture. Worth wiping it with a tissue next time.

6 Intercom handset

The intercom handset, like the device itself, is constantly in use. Moreover, it is not always taken with clean hands. And the intercom also collects dust. Therefore, it is worth including it in the list of items that you should not forget to clean.

7 Doorknobs

Door handles (as well as furniture handles) included even Rospotrebnadzor in the list of recommendations for disinfection in the context of house cleaning during a pandemic. And this is true — we take on pens every day, but I don’t wash them very often. Think about them the next time you clean. And at the same time about handles on furniture: on cabinets and kitchen units.

eight PC mouse

Today, when many people still work remotely, the computer desk with all the contents has become one of the most popular places in the house. As well as computers and all related devices. The mouse can be in hand all the time if there is no habit of using the touchpad on a laptop (or there is no laptop at all). Moreover, it is not always taken with clean hands. It is worth wiping the mouse with a napkin before the next working day.

9 TV screen

The TV screen is not a small object. But it’s easy to forget to wipe it. But this must be done correctly so as not to damage the modern device. To get rid of dust, a standard microfiber cloth will do. It is worth choosing, as microfiber will not leave lint. In addition, you can use special wipes for cleaning computer screens. You can also moisten microfiber, but not much. You do not need to spray any products on the screen — only on the fabric. Also, do not turn on the TV until the screen is dry.