one How to fold jeans and pants

Surely each of us has a pair of jeans and trousers in our wardrobe — and if the family consists of at least three people, there are six such pairs. How to store them so that they do not take up the entire shelf? Do not hang on hangers — you will not save space either. As many as three solutions — in the video below.

The first option is to twist them into a tube. In this form, the pair will take up a minimum of space, and a set of jeans and trousers can be stored even in a drawer. The second option is ideal for stacking things horizontally. And the third idea will help to store trousers in an even vertical stack, according to the KonMari method.

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2 How to store shirts in an even stack

We are talking about crease-resistant shirts — for example, from jeans or velveteen, which are in fashion today. Such things are certainly in the wardrobe of both women and men. In order not to buy a hanger for each of them or hang several shirts together, use this scheme.

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3 How to keep your socks in pairs

If you are still familiar with this problem, we have found a solution to it. Fold your socks this way immediately after washing, and then fold them into a separate box or organizer.


four How to store underwear

Careless storage of underwear leads to incorrect distribution of space. And as a result, several sets occupy the entire drawer, although they could not exceed 1/4. The video offers three options for how to fold underwear — depending on the size of the organizer, select the one you need.

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5 How to fold a T-shirt?

Try folding your T-shirts this way — those who have tried it say that even the fabric wrinkles less. And the stacks look even and neat.

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If you’re into vertical storage, give this technique a try. Although the fabric will wrinkle much more — this option is suitable if the prospect of ironing before putting on a thing does not scare her.

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6 Winter coat storage idea

That’s what you will definitely need very soon — the idea of ​​​​storing voluminous down jackets. See how three down jackets fit in one basket. In such boxes, they can be safely removed until the next winter, and it is also convenient to make a marking which jackets are here. We guarantee that next season you will say “thank you” to yourself for this.

Life hack: voluminous down jackets can be folded into vacuum bags in this way. You will save even more space.

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7 How to fold a knitted sweater

Warm sweaters will also soon lose their relevance. If you have fine knitwear, wool or cashmere in your wardrobe, do not store them on hangers — the material will stretch. This method will help keep things in order until next winter.

eight How to store towels

When folded, the towels look neat and can easily fit into any drawer. Such rollers can even be used in decorative storage — for example, put in a pile in the bathroom.

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9 And bed linen

And these ideas will appeal to those who love a large number of bedding sets, but do not know how to store them correctly. There are three options — twist into a roll, fold into a neat pile or wrap in an «envelope» — in one of the pillowcases of the set.

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