Roofing is an important design element of any home. You should choose a roof not only for aesthetic reasons, your preference should be given to a roof that has increased strength and good functionality, the center of the roof and facade Orenburg will help you with this.
A soft roof is comparable in structure to a sandwich, as it consists of several layers. The basis is felt (impregnated with bitumen) or fiberglass. The top layer is crushed small and colored mineral granules.

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What are the main advantages of bituminous tiles?

  • The ability to withstand a very wide range of temperature differences (from -60 to +120aboutC), which makes it possible to use the material literally in all geographical latitudes.
  • Water resistance of the material (does not absorb or accumulate moisture): after a short period of time, under the influence of the sun, all sheets are sintered into a continuous roofing carpet, so the roof becomes practically airtight.
  • Profitability: properly organized laying proceeds practically without waste, the required amount of material is easy to calculate on your own — onduvilla shingles price here.
  • No need to install special devices to retain snow: the rough surface prevents snow from avalanching.
  • Resistance to the formation of bioagents (lichens, fungi, mosses).

The properties discussed above make bituminous shingles a fairly demanded material capable of realizing any design solutions while maintaining high quality.

What are the features of roofing sheeting

Roofing corrugated board, first of all, gained popularity due to its high resistance to corrosion. Reliable protection to a galvanized leaf is provided by anticorrosive protection. The service life of corrugated board on average can be 30 years.

Roofing material received popular love for its availability. In construction stores, it can be purchased at low prices — find out the profiled sheet price per 1 m2.

This material exhibits high anti-corrosion properties even in harsh climatic conditions. And if you purchase galvanized corrugated board, which has an additional coating, then you will not have to deal with the issue of roofing for at least 40-45 years.

Profiled sheets have a high level of manufacturability in everyday life. It is easy to process at home — cut, drill a hole. Sheets of corrugated board can be easily and quickly assembled, because the installation of these rigid roof structures does not require you to be a professional in the construction industry.