To keep your linen and closet smelling good all the time, use one of these items to scent your space.

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one Sachet for clothes

The simplest and easiest way is a store-bought sachet hanger, which is placed on a bar in the closet and distributes its aroma there. Try to place it where there is less laundry, otherwise the fragrance will spread unevenly.

2 Essential oil and soda

You can make your own flavoring, for this you will need ordinary baking soda and a couple of drops of essential oil. Soda will remove unpleasant odors, and essential oil will fill the wardrobe with pleasant aromas. All this must be mixed in a container and put in a cabinet. Keep such a fragrance in a conspicuous place so that you do not accidentally spill the contents of the container and do not dip things into it. You can put the flavored soda in a canvas bag or rolled up handkerchief.

3 aroma sticks

The ones that are usually set on fire. They have such a bright strong aroma that they can spread it throughout the closet. Of course, you don’t need to set fire to them for this — just put the sticks on the shelf.

3 Soap

Ordinary scented soap is perfect for the role of freshener in the closet. It will give the linen the scent of freshness and cleanliness. You don’t need to do anything for this — take a bar of soap out of the package and put it in a cloth bag. If the fragrance has not spread enough, the bag can be removed. Be careful with dark things — make sure that the soap does not leave an imprint on them.

5 Cooking skewers

They can be used as an analogue of incense sticks from the store. Culinary skewers are rubbed with your favorite perfume or essential oil and placed in the closet. Make sure that the sticks do not come into contact with clothing — they can stain it.

6 Bottle of perfume

Your favorite fragrance is over, but the bottle is left? Do not rush to throw it away — an open perfume bottle can give a pleasant smell to your closet and clothes. Put it on the shelf and enjoy.

7 Spices

Bright, oriental aroma will be given to linen by boxes with spices. Choose the most fragrant: ginger, cumin, rosemary. But do not overdo it — only a light plume of spices should be read in the closet, and not the smell of soup or roast. You can also use vanilla beans, they are simply tied into a bundle and put on a shelf.

eight scented candle

Often, scented candles are able to spread a pleasant aroma even without lighting. This property can be used to flavor the closet with clothes. Remove the protective packaging and arrange one or more candles on the shelves. Over time, your laundry will acquire a pleasant smell.

9 flavored paper

You can buy this in perfume shops or make it yourself. Take a blank A4 sheet and put a few drops of your favorite perfume on it. Paper can be placed between layers of clothing (this way the aroma will spread less through the closet, but will settle more on clothes) or on an empty shelf (this way you will aromatize the space of the closet, and quite a bit — clothes).

ten citrus zest

If you love the scent of citrus fruits, you can make a natural flavor from the zest or dried slices. In the first case, the smell will be brighter. Grate some lemon, orange and grapefruit zest and place everything in an open container. It is better to put such a flavor on a spacious shelf, for example, where hangers hang. This is how the flavor spreads best. Do not put the zest directly on the linen, it contains essential oils (due to them, the aroma appears), which leave greasy stains on clothes.