Every person dreams of their own home. But traditional forms no longer attract, so designers offer many creative solutions for country houses (cottages) in various styles. Everyone has their own preferences, so the choice of style depends on taste. You can create coziness in a modern direction from glass and concrete, or choose the exotic of the East, unpredictable high-tech or cute Provence with rustic motifs.

Let’s analyze the most popular ideas for beautiful design of houses (cottages and summer cottages).

Brief content of the article:

Modern style

Such a house is in many ways similar to other styles (minimalism and hi-tech), its features are:

  • simplicity of lines;
  • emphasis on space;
  • furnishing geometric shapes not too bulky, without decorations, preferably monochrome tones;
  • multifunctionality.

From colors, pastel, neutral tones are preferred, black or white designs with bright accents are possible.

English style

Conservative, restrained style, demonstrating the refined taste of a respectable owner — the cottage of old Britain. Aristocracy, practicality and symmetry of forms, its features:

  • window openings are made of glass or stained glass;
  • clarity of zones of internal space;
  • use in the decoration of natural high-quality materials (imitation is possible) of wood or stone;
  • traditional attribute — a fireplace in the living room, old library or bedroom;
  • solid furniture more often dark tones;
  • heavy semi-antique lamps with subdued light, sconces or floor lamps;
  • in textiles, small discreet patterns, cages, stripes are used;
  • decor — framed photos, mirrors, figurines, vases are possible.

Harmony and symmetry reign in everything, sometimes these are 2-storey houses. You can decorate the entrance of the cottage with columns, inside — with beautiful stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Around the English garden / park with clear lines of flower beds, trees and shrubs.

American style

Democracy with expensive equipment, versatility and free planning is characteristic of Americans. Here, for design, you can use analogues of expensive materials, the style is inherent in:

  • large size, open floor plans;
  • eclecticism in color shades (from brown, white to red-black, blue or sand tones, etc.);
  • smooth wall finishes (monochrome paint tones, wallpaper with small patterns, panels).

Advice! To increase the space, they often use the combination of 2 rooms (living room-kitchen), zoning with furniture.

More often these are beautiful one-story houses, comfortable for living.

High tech

Comfort combined with ultra-modern style and maximum functionality is high-tech:

  • the severity of simple lines, but there may be fantastic forms;
  • closed cabinets and shelves;
  • sliding structures throughout;
  • materials are used in construction: glass, colored plastic, brick, concrete and wood without processing are possible;
  • good lighting;
  • calm colors (“metallic”, black or white), perhaps contrasts — black-red, white-violet tones, etc.
  • abundance of the latest technology.


For interior decoration, French provincial style with warm pastel colors is often chosen. Characteristic features of Provence:

  • in the decor of the beams on the ceiling (walls);
  • the use of natural materials in decoration and furnishing;
  • panels (made of wood), decorative plaster, etc. are possible;
  • antique furniture;
  • textiles are plain or with discreet floral patterns.

Color palette: beige, yellow, reddish, blue, bright green tones. Floor vases with fresh or dried flowers will fit perfectly.


A similar version of the provincial style is country (USA). It is more often used for country houses. Natural materials with handmade details. A deliberately rough finish is used throughout. For the interior, fabrics are suitable: linen, chintz, cotton. It is better to supplement with old books, pots of flowers.

Arabic style

Oriental lovers will love the Arabic style for 2-3 storey houses. These are unusually beautiful houses both outside and inside, but there are a number of rules for its creation:

  • arches in the building, wide balconies with awnings for tea drinking;
  • ceiling in patterns;
  • arched doors;
  • floor tiles with ornament;
  • low sofas are required;
  • a lot of decorative pillows of different sizes, embroidered with gold threads with tassels;
  • translucent thin curtains on the windows and when zoning;
  • lack of empty surfaces;
  • contrasting colors;
  • a huge bed with a translucent white hoodie;
  • coffee (tea) sets with «pot-bellied» forms and oriental patterns.

Important! Images of people, any animals, even plants are forbidden in the East.

The rich color palette is striking with bright floor carpets, cushions and décor. There are always a lot of red-burgundy tones, golden shades, blue glaze, emerald colors, a lot of small details in the decor look spectacular.


An original Swiss-style cottage can be built outside the city using timber. It can echo inside with country music.

In the decoration, only natural massive boards are used, which are coated with wax (lacquer) for lasting protection. The main thing is merging with nature, the courtyard can also be decorated in the style of a chalet; its characteristics are:

  • large windows (panoramas) of various shapes;
  • natural fireplace (imitation) with stone (wood) trim;
  • the use of skins and stuffed animals in decoration;
  • carpets on the floor, chandeliers;
  • large-sized furniture (expensive leather comfortable chairs / sofas), fur pillows with blankets on top.

Subdued lighting is required, multi-level lamps, lamps, sconces, etc. will be convenient.


Minimalism with laconic rigor is popular in architecture and modern interiors. There are no ornaments, bright colors, everything is only necessary, nothing superfluous. In the houses outside, simple forms without decorative finishes, stucco, etc. Japanese restraint and simplicity are expressed in the following features:

  • straight clear lines;
  • monochrome shades;
  • simple designs;
  • maximum space and light.

Light colors are used to visually enlarge the room, the amount of furniture is limited. Modern furniture can be made of wood, steel, aluminum.

Bright colors are unacceptable, mostly white or grey-black with light trim. 1-2 accents are possible to dilute excessive severity.

Knowing the most popular various styles, you can focus on your own taste and desires.

Photos of beautiful houses