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one Bike

A balcony is a popular, but not the most convenient option for storing a bike, because you have to carry a vehicle with dirty tires through the entire apartment or spend time washing them in the hallway.

How to store

  1. The ideal solution would be to organize a convenient and safe storage place outside the apartment, for example, in a common pantry in the house (sometimes new buildings provide such). So that the bike does not interfere with anyone, special hooks for hanging can be mounted on the wall, most importantly, away from the electrical panel and the fire safety hatch.
  2. If this is not possible, try mounting these hooks in your hallway. If you remove the handlebars, the bike will take up very little space in this position and it will still be possible to place hooks for clothes above it.
  3. Another suitable place is a long corridor between rooms. Here, the bike can be beaten with wall decor, such as posters or bookshelves.

2 Car tires

If you don’t have a garage, the most obvious place to store your tires is on your balcony. This method has its disadvantages: the tires take up too much space, they smell unpleasantly of rubber. To load the balcony, consider a different storage method.

How to store

  1. In a rented cell in a warehouse. The main disadvantage of such storage is that you have to pay for the place. But you can be sure of the safety of the tires and suitable storage conditions.
  2. In the pantry or a large closet in the apartment. Not the easiest option, since the pantry or closet must be really voluminous. But if you still found a place, pack the wheels in a sealed bag of thick PVC so that they do not stain the surrounding objects and do not smell.
  3. In the country. Maybe if you don’t have a dacha, you can negotiate with the neighbors who do have one about what they can afford to pay for tire space. Just make sure that the tires will be protected from moisture, mechanical damage and theft.

3 Products

Jars of pickles and jams, sacks of potatoes and onions are traditionally stored on the loggia and balcony. This is the case when it is not necessary to take everything out in a strict order and look for a place in a small apartment.

How to store

  1. For vegetables and fruits, it is quite possible to make a stylish closed storage, for example, in decorated wooden boxes.
  2. You can also arrange a podium, in the lower part of which there will be drawers for products, and on top — a place to sit.
  3. Jars of jam can be beautifully arranged on open shelves, especially if they are aesthetically designed.
  4. For long-term storage vegetables and canned food, you can find a place in the corridor, in the kitchen. Plan a chest of drawers with pull-out shelves for them or free up a couple of cabinets in the kitchen set.

four Clothes dryer and ironing board

An ironing board, a folding clothes dryer or just a stretched rope with clothespins significantly spoil the interior of the loggia and balcony. Here are a few tricks to replace such storage.

How to store

  1. Wall dryer in the bathroom. There are models that are attached to the wall and slide out when you need to use them. There are also those that are built into the bathroom cabinet.
  2. A dryer in any convenient niche or in a corner where it will not be so noticeable. Or a more aesthetically pleasing dryer.
  3. The ironing board can be hidden in a narrow vertical cabinet in the bathroom, in a closet or in an alcove in the hallway.

5 simulators

Treadmills, exercise bikes and dumbbells often move to the balcony, which do not look good in the interior of the bedroom or living room. In this case, you have to either turn the balcony into a mini-gym, or consider hidden storage.

How to store

  1. For small inventory, it is easy to pick up baskets or boxes that can be removed to living rooms or left on the balcony if they do not interfere.
  2. Large simulators can be hidden in a pantry, dressing room, spacious closet or behind a screen. Since modern models can be easily disassembled and made more compact, this is not as difficult a task as it might seem.