one Rack for clothes with shelves for 3 999 rubles

This is the most expensive, but at the same time functional position from our selection. «Makkaper» — a rack on which you can store things on hooks or on shelves — for example, in baskets and boxes of sweaters, T-shirts. And put away seasonal clothes in the same boxes on the upper shelves. It is convenient that the dimensions are compact, and the system does not take up much space. If you hide the rack in a suitable niche and close it with a curtain, you get a full-fledged wardrobe corner. And for only 3,999 rubles.

2 Hanger with rail for 799 rubles

Few people have not seen the storage of clothes on open hangers in modern interiors. This idea is especially supported by lovers of the Scandinavian style, but in any modern apartment this can be a reason to save money. T-shirts, dresses, shirts — ideally fit on the Mulig counter. A great option even when you need to buy something for a temporary apartment or for a closet with a dressing room, there is still not enough budget.

3 Multifunctional shoe rack for 2,499 rubles

Yes, «Trones» is presented in the storage section for shoes, but it is a multifunctional thing. You can put children’s little things, thin knitwear in it.


four A storage system that replaces a chest of drawers for 3,749 rubles

The Algot systems in the assortment of the Swedish brand are the filling of wardrobe systems. But there are also separate parts that can be used instead of a bedside table and chest of drawers. Metal baskets will hold sweaters, jeans or underwear.

5 Chest of drawers for 2 799 rubles

Outwardly, Skonevik is similar to the Malm series, but attentive people will note that there are fewer boxes, and the top one is smaller. But the appearance is almost identical, and the white color is also a super versatile solution. The low price is due to the material — the chest of drawers is made of chipboard, fiberboard and laminated.

6 Shelf for 149 rubles and holders for 180 rubles

See how they used the Burghult shelf on the Ekbi Walter holders instead of a storage system. You can put sweaters or something from your seasonal wardrobe into baskets and boxes on it.

7 Bag for 549 rubles

The Knock bag is the most affordable of the cute storage systems under the bed. This space should not be underestimated, especially if the area of ​​u200bu200bthe apartment is already limited. Well, then, if you still decide to organize a dressing room or a large closet, you can save on drawers and use «Knock».