1. Drawer divider (183 rubles)

An organizer with compartments for storing socks and underwear that fits in a dresser drawer.

Drawer divider

2. Organizer for cosmetics (283 rubles)

A storage system with compartments and a drawer so that you can store all the most necessary cosmetics together and carry them if you wish.

Cosmetic organizer

3. Hanger for ties and belts (195 rubles)

A convenient hanger on which to place belts, ties or scarves.

Hanger for ties and belts

4. Textile baskets (119 rubles)

Versatile storage baskets with a cute design.

textile baskets

5. A jar in the form of a lotus (215 rubles)

In such a jar, you can put toothpicks or cotton swabs — they will complement the design of the «flower».

Jar in lotus wine

6. Organizer for clothes and shoes (151 rubles)

A vertical organizer in which you can store, for example, underwear, summer shoes — whatever!

Organizer for clothes and shoes

7. Kitchen hooks-stands (226 rubles)

On such hooks you can hang and put kitchen utensils. Includes 2 pieces.

Kitchen hooks

8. Box for succulents (92 rubles)

You can try growing dwarf plants directly in a box or place several pots of succulents in it.

box for succulents

9. Universal organizer (244 rubles)

With the help of such a plastic organizer it is possible to make a storage system for the kitchen, home office or dressing table.

10. Stash for the key (245 rubles)

A cache imitating a stone is the best place to store a key in a suburban area and you can’t imagine!

Key stash

11. Hanging boxes for the refrigerator (237 rubles)

If there is a lot of space between the shelves in the refrigerator, fill it with such boxes.

Hanging drawers for refrigerator

12. Hanging «pocket» (124 rubles)

Stationery or toothbrushes can be placed in the «belly» of Totoro, the hero of the Japanese cartoon of the same name. Children will definitely appreciate the idea!


13. Holder for household items (102 rubles)

To prevent mops and plastic brooms from lying around in the pantry or on the balcony, attach them to the wall with this holder.

Holder for household items

14. Organizer with a stand for the phone (148 rubles)

Stand for pens, pencils and other office supplies in the form of an elephant, equipped with a shelf for a smartphone.

Organizer with phone stand

15. Holder for the sink (192 rubles)

The soap dish and towel holder are attached directly to the faucet — convenient if there is no more room for them in the kitchen.

sink holder