Indoor plants will help you to let the spring mood into the interior. To stock up on greenery, it is not necessary to go to the store, now it can be done in a couple of clicks: online stores are full of beautiful photos of indoor plants. Are they all plausible and how not to waste money? What pitfalls to pay attention to and how not to miss important things when choosing flowers for your home? We have collected six useful nuances.

one Bet on small shops

Large chain stores that sell, besides plants, much more, often pay less attention to the maintenance and care of greenery. As a result, there are many sick and sluggish flowers that are very difficult to restore (if at all possible). Small local stores benefit in this regard because they deal exclusively with plants and expertly keep and care for them (at least they can be counted on).

2 Ask for real photos

If the store has such an opportunity, request real photos of plants at the present time. It is quite possible to do this through the messenger. Often what is presented in the store catalog does not correspond to the real state of affairs. Even if there is the same plant, it could outgrow, bloom, get sick or wither.

3 Pay attention to reviews

Almost every reliable online store has a section with reviews. Read them carefully before buying — often it is in the reviews that contain real information about the store and photos of plants. By the way, the latter is a good indicator of the reality of the review. If you doubt the objective reviews on the store page, look for additional information about the company on third-party resources.

four Check the plant carefully upon delivery

Carefully check the goods upon delivery, if the service of the transport company provides for this, check with the courier or at the point of issue. The same habit will save you if the store sent you a wonderful fresh plant, and during the delivery it broke or was damaged.

5 Choose unpretentious varieties

If you are not looking for any particular plant, but just green spaces for the interior, you should take a closer look at the least whimsical species. As a rule, they do not bloom, but most often they remain healthy in stores and suffer less during transportation. Unpretentious plants include, for example, monstera, sansevieria, ficus, chlorophytum. They do not require frequent watering and special care, they tolerate temperature extremes well. So, choosing a “pig in a poke”, in this case, there are less chances to miss.

6 Check the packaging format

This is especially true in the cold season. Rarely does anyone pay attention to the packaging of a plant, and, meanwhile, the effect of cold temperatures during loading into a car and delivery to an address can have a detrimental effect on the healthiest seedling. Ideal packaging in cold weather — factory and paper on top. By the way, good packaging can provide additional protection for the flower from mechanical damage.