Unexpected guests are not uncommon. And it’s good if you have the opportunity to refuse a visit or move the meeting to neutral territory. And if not, and, for example, the landlord comes to you? This step-by-step plan will help you instantly make your home more pleasant and visually tidy.

The video listed what you can do if guests decide to come in unexpectedly, but the house is not cleaned

one Arrange shoes in a row in the hallway and put away a bunch of jackets in the closet

The first thing guests see when entering the house is the entrance hall. You can make it more neat in just five minutes.

  • Arrange your shoes evenly. For the future, you can plan to buy a bench, under which boxes for shoes are hidden, but even just evenly spaced shoes already create a sense of order.
  • Move the outerwear from the hooks on the wall to the closet. Jackets and raincoats often accumulate in the hallway, and the wall overloaded with them looks chaotic.
  • Throw away the garbage accumulated on the chest of drawers: flyers from the mailbox, paid bills, old checks.

2 Free up one area in which you will receive guests

If there is no time to clean up the whole apartment, you can choose one least cluttered place. If there is a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen, place friends in the living room. If the living room is too cluttered with things, and the kitchen is relatively in order, close the door to the living room and throw all your energy into the kitchen. In the case of a spontaneous visit, you can use the laziest trick: just take everything superfluous in an armful and take it to another room.


3 Wipe the mirror and edges of the bathroom sink, and hide the visual noise behind the curtain

Guests are more likely to look into the bathroom. But it makes no sense to waste time, which is so little, on the use of cleaning products. Plus, they leave a strong smell behind. Simply wipe the mirror and sink edges free of splashes with an old towel, then toss it in the washing machine. Hang up a fresh towel for guests. Rinse the soap dish. Shake the floor mat and hide the accumulated tubes and boxes behind the bathtub screen. At the end, spray some air freshener. All this will take about 5-6 minutes.


four Pick up toys from the floor

In a house where there are children, you should definitely remove toys from the floor so that guests do not hate you for having a Lego cube stuck in your foot. A small life hack: pick up an empty laundry basket and walk around the room, collecting toys and everything that creates a mess. Move clockwise from the door, concentrating only on clearing as many horizontal surfaces as possible.


5 Wipe the table

It doesn’t matter if you place guests in the living room or in the kitchen — they will most likely have a table, dining or coffee table in front of them. Just dust it off so they can enjoy drinking tea and putting their mugs on it.


6 Add a pleasant scent

The final touch is to add a little pleasant aroma. To do this, open a window to let in fresh air and spray your favorite interior perfume. If not, don’t use regular perfume or air freshener — they are always too harsh for a living space. It is better to brew aromatic tea or coffee. Or put ordinary salt in a small bowl and drip essential oils into it. You can even just squeeze some lemon and orange juice into the salt. It will turn out an unobtrusive and fresh aroma that will quickly spread throughout the room.