Self-isolation is the perfect time to freshen up your apartment and do a spring cleaning that you never got around to. Experts from the Leroy Merlin Repair School talk about what equipment is needed for this.

one Window cleaner and glass cleaner


They sound similar, but glass cleaner is a liquid, while glass cleaner is a tool. When choosing the latter, give preference to a model with a sliding handle — it will be very useful to you if you do not reach the upper border of the windows or the sashes do not open on them. Pay attention to frames. Most people today have plastic windows installed, and if you are no exception, then get yourself a plastic bleaching agent. It will help freshen up the look of window frames and, if you have them, blinds.

2 Grease and soot remover

This tool is also useful for cleaning stoves, ovens, hoods, kitchen apron. It is important that the kitchen apron must be ceramic or glass. If you have an alternative in the form of plastic wall panels installed, a hard cleaner may not work — be sure to read the instructions for it.

3 Dishwasher cleaner


Even if you use special salt from lime, you should play it safe once again and do a preventive cleaning of the dishwasher at least once every few months.

four Washing machine cleaner

A washing machine, like a dishwasher and any other appliance, requires attention and maintenance — get a special tool that will descale the drum and use it at least once a quarter.

5 limescale remover


For the kitchen (and at the same time for the bathroom), a limescale cleaner also does not hurt — they can go through the plumbing. By the way, lime deposits form in pipes. Even if you do not have problems with blockages, get a special tool and carry out prevention at least once a quarter.

6 Odor absorber

If you have pets, you will need an odor absorber: we all know that unforeseen situations can arise, after which it is impossible to get rid of the smell for a very long time. The reason for this is that it is absorbed into almost any tissue. And if the sheet and curtains can be washed, then only an absorber will help you defeat the smell from the upholstery of the sofa.

7 Carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner


Consider purchasing a so-called dry-cleaner, a must-have for those who like to eat pizza in the room. It is a foam that removes the stain and at the same time leaves the carpet or furniture dry.

eight air conditioner cleaner

Do not forget about cleaning equipment: for example, the air conditioner requires periodic thorough cleaning — so the air entering the room will always be fresh. The air conditioner filter can be pulled out and washed — everything is simple here. But what about the vaporizer, which is hidden deep inside? The answer is an air conditioner cleaner: all you need to do is spray the spray into the evaporator, wait 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

9 Detergent for sanitary ware


Choose household chemicals depending on the material of plumbing. Different products are produced for ceramics and acrylic, be sure to pay attention to this in the store. The window cleaners that you already have will also work for cleaning mirrors. But if you have a glass shower screen, it won’t work. For such cases, you will need a special agent against limescale.

ten Mold remover

There is high humidity in the bathroom and toilet, so there is always a risk that mold or fungus will appear there. Be proactive and stock up on mold remover.

Bonus: What else should be in your inventory locker

  • Floor cleaner (when buying, pay attention to the type of flooring for which the product is intended).
  • Garbage bags.
  • Rubber cleaning gloves.
  • Sponges, dustpan and brushes.
  • Rags — even rags can be technological! If you wipe dust and furniture with an old T-shirt, replace it with a microfiber cloth, it does not leave streaks on mirror surfaces and attracts dust well.
  • Mop — it seems that nothing can be invented here either, but do not rush to conclusions: today there are many models of mops with the function of squeezing and even spraying. As a rule, they are already equipped with a microfiber cloth, which means that cleaning becomes more efficient with such a mop.

All of these tips are relevant for both apartment owners and owners of private houses. The latter can also be recommended to purchase a high-pressure washer: such a device will cope with the work that even an advanced washing vacuum cleaner cannot do: wash the car, clean the walls of the house from old dust and dirt. When choosing, proceed from the volume of work and select a sink strictly for them, without overpaying for power and functions that you still do not need.

Have we forgotten something? Add your irreplaceable cleaning products in the comments!