Swimming pools in private homes are no longer an exclusive symbol of high prosperity. If desired, and the availability of an appropriate area, you can equip it in a fairly modest dwelling. The indoor pool will allow you to use it in any weather. You don’t even have to clean the home pond from falling leaves. But such a «huge bath» will undoubtedly change the climate of the house, increasing the overall level of humidity. This effect is dealt with by strong ventilation and the presence of special dehumidifiers. Thanks to them, you can significantly expand the list of acceptable finishing materials, but preference should still be given to moisture resistant ones. In order not to worry about all the subtleties of the installation, the construction of an indoor pool in Moscow should be entrusted to the specialists of PoseidonStroy.

Filters are among the mandatory elements. The capacity of the pumping station should be able to process all the water in the pool for at least 8 hours. To prevent the water in the bowl from being cold, heaters can be used. Usually their role is played by special heat exchangers powered by gas or electricity.

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Decoration Materials

If the pool is located within the house, its appearance usually corresponds to its general style. The classic interior provides a fairly wide scope for the choice of materials. Walls can be painted, plastered, tiled, or even corked. In rustic or ethnic styles, wood paneling will be appropriate. But such materials will require the mandatory presence of a desiccant and special treatment.

Art Deco is most often expressed with tiled mosaics, in modern styles it can be metallic or glass. The economy option includes plastic sheathing. Sometimes the pool can be combined with a winter garden. This neighborhood will help to humidify the air for plants, and also make the pool look more spectacular and tropical.

Often the floors in a room with a pool are equipped with heating. For their finishing, non-slippery specialized tiles are chosen. Tiles are most often used to finish the bowl itself. It must also be special — otherwise the material may absorb moisture or slip. Pools lined with mosaics look even more impressive. But it will be more difficult to care for them due to the large number of seams.

Sometimes porcelain tiles are used instead of tiles. They can lay out the entire bowl or use as an addition to a mosaic or tile. The simplest and most budgetary option is to finish with a flexible PVC film. This method allows you to simulate any surface, including mosaic. Although such a coating is not considered durable, it does not create problems during repairs. But for laying any, even simple material, it is better to turn to a professional here.

A selection of colors

The color scheme of the finish greatly affects the color of the water. That is why preference is usually given to blue-blue tones. A yellow pool can also become catchy and interesting, but white and green options are recommended to be avoided. The former are considered too easily soiled and visually cool. The latter usually create a feeling of blooming water.

The absence of street dirt does not mean that such a pool will not have to be cleaned and disinfected.

  • To maintain order in the room, you will need a set of chemical cleaners-reagents.
  • You can use manual options (chlorine tablets) or organize their automatic supply.
  • General cleaning is carried out at least 3 times a year.
  • To clean the bowl, use products suitable for its material.