one Sort by containers

For quick sorting of Christmas decorations, use ordinary containers. For example, arrange Christmas balls in them by color or shape.

With such storage, you can immediately see ...
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With such storage, you can immediately see which toys you have and in what quantity. This is convenient if you need to buy some decorations for the holiday or plan the decor of the Christmas tree. In addition to toys, gift wrapping can be sorted in the same way.

2 Fold in organizer for small items

A suitcase with small compartments, which is often used by needlewomen, builders and fishermen, is ideal for storing small New Year’s decor.

Arrange decorations carefully
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Arrange decorations neatly into compartments and close the lid tightly so that your decorations will not get mixed up and damaged until the next holidays.

3 Use free case

A textile cover is also useful for organizing New Year’s accessories. The zippered pouch has enough room for garlands, decorative branches or a small artificial Christmas tree.

Organizer with decorations
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Organizer with decorations can be pushed under the bed or lifted to the mezzanine and left there until next year.

four Divide the box with a cardboard insert

If you don’t have a ready-made organizer at hand, make it yourself. A simple piece of cardboard is enough. Cut it to the size you want, make rectangular dividers and stick them in the big box.

Each cell will store...

Each cell will store a separate decoration. So the New Year’s decor will always be in order, and it will not be difficult to quickly find the right thing.

5 Use laundry organizer

For storing Christmas decorations and small themed decor, a regular underwear organizer with different compartments is suitable.

Grab a few boxes of...
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Take several drawers with these dividers, label them, and stack one on top of the other to organize all the decorations conveniently and save space.

6 Put in glass jars

It is convenient to store garlands and fragile Christmas decorations in ordinary glass jars, as strong glass will protect them from mechanical damage.

Banks are transparent, so you can...
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The jars are transparent, so you will always see their contents and easily find the right thing. Containers in the same style look aesthetically pleasing — you can not hide them, but rather put them on open shelves.

7 Use the egg carton

An empty egg carton is useful for storing toys. The special shape of the container with cells is ideal for Christmas balls — each will have its own place, they will not fall or break.

To keep the decorations in the...
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To keep the decorations in order, a few egg trays are enough. The soft cardboard shell will protect fragile toys in case of a fall. Put homemade organizers in a box and put them on the mezzanine until next winter.

eight Wrap cling film directly on the Christmas tree

A simple but effective option is to wrap the toys in foil right on the Christmas tree.

This method is not suitable for...
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This method is not suitable for fragile and especially valuable decor, as it may suffer when cleaning the Christmas tree. Otherwise, this option saves a lot of time and effort. With the onset of the holidays, just remove the Christmas tree from the film — the decorations will already be in place. Change some of them if necessary.

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