one Portenschlag Bell, 299 rubles

This perennial creeping plant will grow with you for a long time: up to three or more years. It can be curly if you support it. It develops very quickly, you should be prepared for this. In the interior, the plant looks gentle: tiny bells shake their neat heads slightly, it seems that you can hear their slight chime.

The plant loves a bright place, so it will not actively bloom in the shade. You need to water it often, in the hot summer time you can do it daily.

2 «Citrus», 1 499 rubles

Under the name «Citrus» in IKEA, calamondin is hidden — a hybrid of a tangerine tree and a kumquat. He comes from South and Southeast Asia. The flowers and fruits of the plant have a pleasant citrus scent that will fill the room with a summer mood. Its appearance will also please: green foliage and bright fruits. The latter, by the way, are edible and very tasty.

The plant does not like low temperatures, and is also sensitive to drafts. Therefore, at home, he needs to find a warm place that will not be located close to the frequently opened window.

3 «Scheffler Abboricola», 379 rubles

Schefflera arboreal is an evergreen plant native to China. It is undemanding in care. IKEA sellers recommend feeding it every month until the plant has a dormant period. At this time, you need to stop fertilizing the chefler and let her rest. It is also recommended to periodically wipe the leaves from dust. Otherwise, the plant will not receive enough light, which can make it sick.

The plant does not need frequent spraying. However, it is worth irrigating it with a spray bottle when the air from the batteries is too dry or in hot weather.

four «Hydrangea», 999 rubles

Hydrangea or hydrangea is a beautiful flowering plant that is suitable for placement both outdoors and at home. In the store you can find different colors: from white to blue and pink. At home, it should be placed in a well-lit place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. The plant loves a humid environment, so it needs to be sprayed and watered more often.

5 «Kodieum», 2 499 rubles

Under the name «Kodieum» in IKEA, a croton lurks — a plant with beautiful bright leaves. The color of this species is varied: the veins are orange, pink and red. In nature, croton grows in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

This plant is very delicate and demanding. It is sensitive to drafts, it can dry out if you put it on the windowsill next to the battery. With a lack of watering, croton sheds leaves, and he also does this if he often rearranges the pot in different places.

6 «Sansevieria trifasciata», 599 rubles

Sansevieria is a plant that grows naturally in South Africa or Asia. It develops quite slowly, so it is very easy to care for. It is often placed in offices and shopping centers, as it is not afraid of dry air due to air conditioners and heating.

Excessive moisture is detrimental to the plant. If you regularly fill the roots, then it will quickly die. In summer, sansevieria can be watered once every 10 days, and in winter even less often — only a couple of times a month.

7 «Ficus», 1,299 rubles

Oddly enough, IKEA sells bonsai under the name Ficus, a miniature tree that grows in Southeast Africa. Growing bonsai at home is a painstaking but interesting process. The tree develops very slowly, moreover, it is demanding in care. He doesn’t like temperature changes. You need to water the plant often, but in small portions.

eight «Dracaena», 1 499 rubles

Dracaena, which is sold in IKEA, is not a very demanding plant. It looks very nice in the interior, as it is quite high, but compact. It is important to monitor its watering regime: dracaena does not like a large amount of moisture, because excess water can block air access to the roots, because of this the plant will die. However, she also does not like the drying of an earthy coma: from a lack of moisture, the tips of the leaves dry and become ugly brown in color.