one Decorative greenhouse «Senapskol», 999 rubles

Decorative greenhouse will be a great addition to your home garden. In it, seedlings and flowers will look beautiful. Also, the product can become a frame for climbing plants. The greenhouse does not have glazing, so it cannot perform the functions of a greenhouse. But as a decor it will look very unusual. By the way, you can simply use it for storage: arrange souvenirs, figurines and other accessories in it.

2 Scissors «Yakkfrukt», 349 rubles

Pruning indoor plants is the most important step in care. Scissors for this work need sharp ones, as blunt ones severely injure the shoots. Plus, before each procedure, it is important to disinfect them. If you are looking for good scissors, check out the ones sold at IKEA. They are made of stainless steel, which is not afraid of processing. The model has thin blades, it is convenient to work with thin shoots.

3 Secateurs «Yakkfrukt», 689 rubles

Secateurs are another tool for pruning plants. IKEA has a model in a new color. The accessory is not very suitable for thin and soft stems, but will be indispensable when removing thick branches. For example, such a tool will come in handy if you are going to remove lignified shoots from large plants that grow in your home. Another option for using a pruner is to trim the stems of flowers that you have been given. It is necessary for the bouquet to stand much longer.

four A set of garden tools «Gresmaro», 349 rubles

The tools are made of durable fiberglass reinforced plastic, so they are very strong. They, like the secateurs, appeared in the store in new colors. With the help of them it is easy to transplant plants, fill up the ground and loosen the soil in pots. The set includes three accessories: two different scoops and one small rake. It is convenient to store them: you just need to attach them to the ring included in the kit and hang them on any hook.

5 Pedestal «Svartpeppar», 349 rubles

With a metal black stand, you can place plants in any room. She will save them from drafts on the floor or raise them closer to the light. The stand is universal: it is suitable for both small and large pots — you just need to turn it over.

6 Pedestal for indoor flowers «Vanilstong», 2 499 rubles

This pedestal is both a regular rack and a wooden box, which is often used for seedlings. In combination with black steel legs, the light wood looks very interesting. You can place plants using a pedestal in any room, for example, in the living room or even on the balcony.

7 Cache-pot «Bakksmultron», 499 rubles

This cute plant pot is made of special clay. It has been mixed in a special way, so each pot has a unique pattern. The product will look good in various interior styles: from Scandinavian to modern and classic.

eight Sprayer for plants «Sesamfren», 199 rubles

The volume of the sprayer is 250 ml. It is quite compact, but it will fit the required amount of water to moisten the plants. In addition, the sprayer is very stylish: it is not a shame to leave it on the windowsill next to the flowers, it will not spoil the interior.